Issues with menu position, and i cant understand why menu is jump to left-top. I use default menu html inside card:
Is overriding CSS variables in an additional stylesheet a suitable way to customise Metronic or do I need to modify SASS variables for a change to be applied to all components and 3rd party plugins? Any details you can provide about the limitations of modifying the CSS variables would be welcome....
I noticed you removed documantation from the ZIP package.But doing this, I don't have access to previous versions of documentations.It's bad because if I decided to use an old version, I cannot see the correct version of documentation. Also,I can work with documentation even off-line...
Hello, The colors appear pale on the invoice printing screen when dark mode is selected. How can I apply open theme in print mode.
It was tested in versions 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 but it does not work (the relevant icon is not displayed)
Is there a reason why the entire font-awesome class set was removed from the global plugins.bundle.css file
Hey guys I am not a designer but when I try to use classes like order-sm-1 order-sm2 col-sm-4 etc are not reflecting any change in the code.Is their any css file or js file I am missing or I have do anything else.
hello, i want to add some elements or dashboard completely to the laravel version. How can I do it the best and most efficient way. Thanks in advance
When we try to retrieve information from a datatable on the server side, and we switch from one page of data to another, the actions in the columns do not work. Actions like dropdown buttons, data-toggles and others don't work anymore. So, is there a good way to get the data in a datatabble?
Hello there,We purchased Metronic 8 theme for our Products backend but after downloading and extracting the files in the html version we couldn't find the same demos files which are displaying on this Live Metronic 8 Link:
In Metronic 8 Bootstrap, the Menu and Drawer components don't appear to manage ARIA attributes for accessibility when the user interacts with them (setting aria-expanded="true" for a dropdown menu for example), at least, I can't see such behaviour in the demos nor is it mentioned in the documentatio...
please add resizable cards feature, is this in your plan?please this feature will be great feature
The current Ryder theme fails WCAG color contrast guidelines for both the light and dark themes. Are there any plans to also include a high-contrast option (in addition to the current light and dark themes)?
hi sir,how can i integrate the forms and tables using metronic 8.12 version.
So I have a Metronic 8 Laravel 9 app which uses blade. I'd like to switch to a clean Laravel 9 app with Metronic on the frontend using Vue. I followed this tutorial:, but I could not get it to work. Asked a question a...
I see this documentation. javascript the child line is getting by position, but I want to get the real line by the id, both of the parent and the child.did you have a example or suggestion?
Hi,I want to use Metronic theme only HTML version in a project admin panel & also want to sell it on codecanyon. Could be please provide me with any custom license? I only need/use HTML version in my software.
Instructions followed:$ npm run build> metronic@8.1.2 build> webpack[webpack-cli] Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialized using a configuration object that does not match the...
Greetings! I want to use Metronic theme in a project which I want to sell at's the best license option for this case? Is there any customized package or offer?Thank you.
Hi,I am trying to migrate my layouts made with Keen v.2 to Keen v.3.Is there a way to set up a Sticky sidebar so that it scales as it resizes?Documentation says that its width should be fixed.