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Hi,I am using CKEditor - Classic style and it seems like we do not support dark theme for it like the way we do for CKEditor - Inline / Quill / TinyMCE. Actually, it becomes worse if I do not set a color text class text-gray-700 as your example
Hi team,We have using this specific template we want , on 'light' mode selection, the sidebar should also have light background instead of dark backgroud.could you please let us know asap. PS - the template i...
I am getting this error in console Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'classList') at plugins.bundle.js:71:58611 at Array.forEach () at plugins.bundle.js:71:58588 at plugins.bundle.js:71:58728 at Array.forEach () at cla...
Dear Metronic Support Team,I hope this message finds you well. I am currently using your Metronic solution along with Laravel and have encountered some difficulties regarding the use of the Layout Builder. I have managed to customize a specific layout and downloaded these modifications, but I am...
I'm usign net core and I want to use the formvalidation but im getting this error in the console$(...).formValidation is not a function
Hi Keen team,I would like to know what's different between Metronic and Mega Bundle before decide which one should I purchase.My website is totally Laravel (FE/BE).Thanks.
Hi,Timeline layout works well in this brokenly in Asides pages
How can I change the fullcalendar html language dynamically on page load?
Hello,Is there any tutorial on how to use the metronic templates on webform (aspx) technology?Best reagrds
According to your documentation on flatpickr, there should be a file named flatpickr.init.js , however cant find it on any version.We need to use a plugin (monthselectplugin) on that lib however it doesn't find the function responsible for it when called:
How to make the sidebar active menu open ? when clicked away to other nested dropdowns ? currently the active menu's parent accordion closes when I move to other dropdowns. I want the active menu item open all the times ( inactive items should open and collapse like normal )
I have setup admin dashboard in a dotnet core project and I'm using the following code to make set the active menu properly.// KTUtil.onDOMContentLoaded(function() {// console.log("active link: " + window.location.pathname);// KTMenu.updateByLinkAttribute(window.location.pathname, "h...
Hi!I am using version 8.2.2 - demo39 template. If there are many elements, then it is necessary to scroll, but there is no automatic transition to the active one. If you reduce the size of the screen this can be viewed at -
Hello, I'm having an issue, a spinner displayed when blocking the overlay text.I don't want to display a spinner I just want to display the mouse normally when showing permanently the text. Is this a bug ? Or I'm I missing something ?Below the code:
If there is no space below for the select2 component to open, it opens upwards. However, there is an issue: if it opens upwards, on its initial opening, it appears with a misalignment to the left. The issue gets resolved when opened, closed, and then reopened.there is any solution?
I am attempting to change some of the theme colors by adding the following code to the _variables.custom.scss:$theme-colors: ( "primary": #047cc4, "secondary": #084365, "link-hover-color": #014e7f,);After running gulp, the primary and secondary colors were successfully upd...
How to setup blazor starter such that the active link will be highlighted for each page ? also what's a similar good pattern for setting it up with html as well as mvc ?
Missing documentation page on ''
Hi can you give me a quick rundown on how one would integrate metronic into sveltekit?
hello i have kt-toolbar-filter i added custom range date picker inside it, whenever i select option or custom all filter menu to solve it?regards
Hi, I have a question if Metronic has an editable feature? Thank you.
Hello to great team of KT Metronic.I'm trying to keep vertical scrollbar not on to zero but at the bottom, because I'm adding rows into div.scroll.h-400px.row-container by clicking on button.add-row. Newly added rows stays hidden outside visible area because the scrollbar is always on top vertical...