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I tried multiple this example When I gave scroll:true value, I got the result I wanted.
Hello,I'm having a problem with Bootstrap 5 regarding the use of utility classes for display control. My goal is to hide a specific element on screens of size "xs" and display it from screens of size "sm" and larger.To achieve this, I've applied the .d-none and .d-sm-block classes to my elem...
I have a Blazor Server project, and I want to use the Left Menu, Header, and form components in my Blazor project. I've made some modifications to make it work, but it seems like the components that involve JavaScript, such as the menu opening and closing and automatic hiding, are not functioning. I...
Please I need help.I've bought React Keentheme and I don't understand how can I switch or set theme mode from react component?code example: style.scss// Mode$mode: default; or $mode: light; or $mode: light;@function getMode() { @if (variable-exists(mode)) { @return $mode; } @e...
I have installed the latest release of Good – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template (v1.1.1) and now the sticky toolbar is broken (no longer sticky). I checked the latest components page and your sticky demo example also does not work.
I purchased "Keen - Multi-demo Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Dashboard Theme" as a theme from the webpage. How do I use this with core?Thanks.
Do you have theme only?, I mean style of KeenThemes. all I need just clone theme to setup new project by myself.
I have an issue with the theme from GetBootstrap, when I run Gulp. I am looking to customise the paths so the the destination goes without the demo9 (which I am using) folder name, however I cannot figure out where to change the paths.I also have an issue where the SASS does not compile, JS seem...
i have downloaded below template but i do not see any core code in this template it was mentioned in template that it support core structure
There is a hack in scripts.bundle.js for select2FocusFixInitialized however this is now working with Select2 so this hack actually breaks the ability to use keyboard functionality (up/down/esc) when search field is hidden.I commented out this hack and the keyboard functionality started working....
I purchased craft theme y'day. Now when I am trying the stepper from the website by copying the code. It is not working.
Hi, I am using the Good theme with flask and I want to update dynamically a form with multiple dependent Select2 fields from my DB , is there a simple way of doing this ? here is an example with JS : am using Flask WTForms with Select2Many thanks
Apologies for asking this I tried searching for something similar but I'm too old and slow to get it... I purchased the Good admin theme and I love it, the problem is I only needed the CSS file and (don't have much experience) I have no idea what is. Any pointers please ?Thank you all!
Hi,I'm looking for how to integration to Laravel. Can you tell me when an update of the theme with Laravel support will be released?Can I integrate this version for Laravel by reviewing the 2nd version's documentation?
Hi,The Good theme documentation is showing 'File not found'here.
Hi! Can you tell me when an update of the theme with symfony support will be released? If I have to wait, I'd rather not have to integrate the HTML version of the theme into my symfony project myself.thanks
Hello,I am looking for to create new pages and the doc doesn't explain this point.All pages are created in the /dist/ file after running gulp command. Now where do I create my own pages? Directly in /dist/?These pages contain between 15K and 30K lines. This does not seem to me...
I can make the modal pop work even without passing controller but I need to set the model data since my modal suppose to be my create and update form.Here is the button to call modal:
in the top nav there is profile image in the theme when hovered over it opens a menu below. after login the hover stops working. if i refresh the page all works fine. this is running under angular. Any thoughts?
Hi,i purchase your theme but, when i want generate new latout your server respond : Warning: file_put_contents(/var/www/ Failed to open stream: No...

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