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Hello,I'm trying to buy Metronic 8.17 yesterday and install Core. I get the errors in the picture when I download and try the necessary installations by reviewing all the documentation. I followed the instructions at
Hello All, I tried to update my project from v8.1.4 to v8.1.7 directly, but I had an issue with the theme.So, I tried to just run the StarterKit for ASP Net core that ships with v8.1.7, but I had the same theme issue.I just downloaded the StarterKit and ran it, then also tried the document...
Hello everyone,Use Gulp --demo1 and the app works fine. But with Gulp --demo30 the application doesn't look good and doesn't work properly.Clear the browser cache. I also tried another browser.This is happening with could be happening?
Good Day everybody,I am currently using Metronic 8 for Blazor. I started with the "Starterkit" and after some research I changed the "Startkit" Namespace to "MyProject" with a Global Search and replace.When I try to start up the project now, I get some weird errors. Anybody able to help me o...
Menu sidebar not getting active when we navigate to different action(page).
Hi, I am seeing this error in my console:Uncaught ReferenceError: KTUtil is not definedhttps://localhost:50461/assets/js/custom/authentication/sign-in/general.js:193I think I have added all the scripts I need for this page: var hostUr...
Olá! A versão 8.1.7 com dotnet core 7 esta com o layout quebrado e ao fazer um build com gulp, faltam arquivos.Hi!Version 8.1.7 with dotnet core 7 has a broken layout and when building with gulp, files are missing.tks,Ricardo
Dear Admin,I am requesting Asp Net Core development for CRM Dashboard Design.I am requesting information about Asp Net Core development for Demo7 design.I expect demo7 work like demo1.
Hi,I'm using Metronic 8.1.6. on ASP.NET MVC web app (not Core!). I'm trying to implement tooltip on help button on page like in index.html in demo 1. What js/css I should include beside mandatory js?Kind Regards,Valentin
I've got a Datatable rendering via Ajax, and in columnDefs for the "Actions" column I am rendering an "Actions" button that should trigger the dropdown menu. This is the same example as the Datatables Ajax Server Side in the documentation
I have my own license for FontAwesome and would like to use v6.2.1 rather than the version that is bundled with Metronic. What do I need to do to implement this?
I've downloaded the GOOD ASP.NET Core 1.1 theme and it launches but no matter which links I click the navigation is not working and stays on the dashboard (which is misspelled as dashbaord in this version). Any idea what the issues is with the navigation?Thanks.
We are using metronic themes in our application. We just run a test with OWASP tool and it identified " Vulnerable JS library " because of some of the scripts are outdated.Can we get the themes with updated script ?
On every page change/swap, despite the dark theme being set as default and in user settings, the page flashes white for a split second before going dark.It's a bit blinding at night. Is there any way to fix this? Using .net core. Please see this gif:
I am creating an ASP.Net Core MVC site using the Metronic v8.1.6 template utilising the Starterkit project.I am using Areas, and I am trying to figure out how to get the Sidebar links to work.I am trying to do the equivalent of:
Hello, do you have tutorial for integrating theme with existing net core projects? For example if I want to use theme for .net core identity and some other areas in application?Thanks,Carlo
We are currently developing an internal web application on Visual Studio 2022 using an Asp.Net 6 Project with Razor Pages and Bootstrap 5.1.The team is considering using your “Start – React Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Theme” to embellish the site.Would it be compatible?Do you have other clie...
I have metronic angular demo 1 and it's working on angular v13 while I need to upgrade it to angular 14 is it possible to do that ??!
Hello,I need to know, where you have used them, the original JQuery/Javascript component that you have personalized in order to catch the particular events they raise in Blazor Server (.Net 6.0/7.0) and the data it carries .For example, I see you declare a datepicker (
I keep getting a javascript error when I try and run one of the demo themes."the.menuObject.on is not a function."I've downloaded the latest version of the bundle file. Please help.
I am following this guide but it seems outdated: am running the commands in:metronic_v8.1.5\html\toolsAfter all of the commands and the gulp build finishes, the "demo1" folder is created:However, inside of it is...