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I followed all the procedure but gulp executes nothing suddenly I find myself with 50 dollors to throw? can you help me? I have a new project to start this weekend.
the KTStepper example for Rider Theme is not working. I can see that that it's stepping and the stepper.steps is indexing with 'current" but it's not rendering each step.
Rider Bootstrap Theme IssueIssue with theme left side of login page not spanning to the bottom and right panel is way too high . if you move the html inside the index.html it works fine but not inside a basic angular is the sample code:
Hello. Why do you have a screenshot of the template "rider-vue-pro" ( a black and white theme, but in fact when I bought the template dark theme is not in it!
hi, does rider html template version 1.0.2 have download link, because it's still downloading v1.0.1 from the page, thank you
Hi there - any view when a new version of Good is going to be released? I am referring to:!
After publishing application on uat server css disappear. In console i am getting below errorGET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)
Hi,We are looking for a driven, self-motivated jun/mid React/NextJS/Vue software engineer to participate in the development of top-notch products and solutions.Responsibilities: - Product development & maintenance - Technical support and problem solving - Research and learn new techn...
I've noticed that the following files in the GOOD theme all say "positon" in one of the container class attributes:For example:...sign-in\basic.htmlsign-in\password-reset...
Hi there,I am very disappointed on how the keen team is managing the release of keen v3.There is literally nothing, afaik, on how to migrate from v2 to v3, as if keen v3 is only for new projects. Let apart not having a single page dedicated to what a customer should change for each keen comp...
Hey guys, Is there by any chance a discount for student. I only gonna use for personal use. But the price compared to our country is relatively high. Thanks!
I am using a below template Template Name: Metronic - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template build with Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1after upgrading to bootstrap version 5.2.3 and jquery version 3.6.0 design is got distorted also i have upgrading select2 version 4.0.13 modal popup is not working
Im trying to follow this step : the file datatables.bundle.css and datatables.bundle.js not export to folder public.
I keep getting a javascript error when I try and run one of the demo themes."the.menuObject.on is not a function."I've downloaded the latest version of the bundle file. Please help.
Hi is there any place i can get this information? just bought the good template on the bootstrap site and saw blazor was supported and i'm currently stuck because i'm not able to use this template with blazor wasm, if it's not supported, any chance i can get a refund?
I bought Demo1 and downloaded it. I clicked on Layout Builder on the left menu. My page then says File Not Found. Why would that happen?
Dear Concern,Can you please mention the steps to deploy the HTML package on EC2. I have bought - Jet HTML Pro and I am able to unpack and use on local but not on any VM.Also, if I have to integrate any JS (electron), how is it going to affect.. What should be my point of change?Regards,...
I purchased Keen from the Bootstrap website.You need the Keen V2 version, but there you can only download Keen V3.Could you help me with this issue?Thanks
I bought your metronic admin panel theme from themeforest. But your download links download as demo. How can I download full versions.
I am using Keen v2.1.1 demo5 template in Laravel.The js plugins don't work and none of the icon libraries work, any solution? I attach my package.json and my webpack.mix.jsconst mix = require('laravel-mix');const rimraf = require('rimraf');const path = require('path');/*...
What is the most updated version of Keen v2, i actually have the 2.1.1 version and it comes with many errors