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Checked and the class (bg-light) is applied but coming up black. This is on your core page without any modifications.
hi sir,I have purchased Merronic7, I want to show fixed top div on mobile i used below code these but theme default navbar show and then show custom div,please how to fix. if ($(window).width()
Hello How are you doing?Good?Do you have a template that e-commerce website builder like shopify and wix and WooCommerce?
How do I install keenicons on my project using vite?
Hi-I'm trying to get a demo compiled of a Keen theme we purchased in 2019. I've installed Node.js and pytho27....but I can not get it to compile.Does anyone have this compiled? I get this error when I call "yarn" from the command prompt. File "C:\Users\emligotti\.node-gyp\18.16.0\include\n...
Hello, I would like to know how I can reduce the plugins/global/plugins.bundle.js and assets/js/scripts.bundle.js file of the ceres html template. Since I currently have all my website created and only use 30% of these files, so I would like to know how to reduce the code that I do not use.T...
Hi, I have downloaded your template items (links) in the main menu are just "scrolling" links.Is it possible to have a link in the menu which will direct me to completely separate page?If I try to do it and put there link with HREF="/myotherp...
I am currently in need of a dashboard for my project, and I came across a dashboard on your website that caught my attention. I was wondering if it would be possible to customize that dashboard by changing its colors to match my project's needs?
After researching templates for 2+ days I FINALLY found the perfect CLEAN admin template that seems to have goodsupport and is not 2 years old. I was delighted and giddy when I found the "Star - Star HTML Pro" template!I just bought it this afternoon.But upon downloading it and browsing th...
Hi, I purchased the Good theme, and it was React version when I wa purchasing. Opened the files and realised it contains DJANGO FLASK versions but not the react version. Now im in huge trouble, could you please provide me with the react version of the same template please.Thanks
Hello, The angular template in below link is only view. There is no actions like create which is available in HTML template. Please advice how can I use HTML template functionalities like create in Angular applications.
I've followed all the instructions for start theme but it simply does not run. I encourage the devs to try it themselves. There seems to be a TypeScript compilation issue in the KTSVG.tsx. Either way this theme does NOT install or run. I have tried this locally, on Github Code Spaces, and on Digital...
hii check don't see laravel docit's say coming sooncan i know where it release?
Me and my coworkers bought your Craft template from the Bootstrap Themes website for a new Blazor project ( the description of the template there's a line about a server-side documentation for Blazor which I can't...
Hello,i have never worked with node.js, webpack or gulp before.Can I install and use the theme without these tools.Otherwise I still have to learn about these tools.I also do not know if these tools affect my development environment.Many thanks and greetingsWolfgang
Could you help me resolve a conflict between the inputmask and formValidation components? When I try to validate a field with inputmask, formValidation doesn't work.exemplo:
Hello there devs,I wish you guys have a specific build of the themes without jquery plugins so you can release it with vite.The reason is I mostly use the theme with vue project and the result is:- Webpack is slow for devs- Vite will be future for vue- Initialize theme "+plugins" after...
Hey guys! I am unable to download version 1.0.6 of Jet HTML Free. The download link always downloads version 1.0.1. In the changelog it says that the latest version is 1.0.6. Can you help me? Thanks!
I followed all the procedure but gulp executes nothing suddenly I find myself with 50 dollors to throw? can you help me? I have a new project to start this weekend.
Rider Bootstrap Theme IssueIssue with theme left side of login page not spanning to the bottom and right panel is way too high . if you move the html inside the index.html it works fine but not inside a basic angular is the sample code:
Hello. Why do you have a screenshot of the template "rider-vue-pro" ( a black and white theme, but in fact when I bought the template dark theme is not in it!

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