I am using Metronic Template 7. All svg icons turned black. I see that the svg icons have turned black in your demo area as well. How we can solve this problem?
Hi ,I am using Metronic 8 demo 4 template for my website I am trying to hide the aside menu and instead of it showing the button and want to add the functionality that when the button is clicked it should show the aside menu and if clicked again it will hide the aside menu . Is it possible to ch...
Hi, i have problems opening a menu dropdown on button click like it's in docs. I am running .NET project and everything else is running good! It's not triggering "open on click". This is the code:
Hello,When accessing the page https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/toolbars/extended.html an error is thrown in the console:Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'closest') at KTMenu.getInstance (scripts.bundle.js:2425:25) at handleTogg...
This is my code. Even putting this data-backdrop="static" it closes anyway when you click outside.
If " Light Sidebar " is active, [ Fixed Header ] Does not workLayout Builder > Layout: Light SidebarLayout Builder > Header > Fixed: [ Desktop Mode = true ] & [ Mobile Mode = true ]Tested in: Demo1Try to test a little before publishing :)
When the output file uses the parent page, inappropriate tags are usedExample: !--{{}}--> }}--> }}-->
when in [ layout-builder ] it is active [ Header > Content > Page Title ] The error " Uncaught TypeError: element is null " appears.Tested in Demo1
how can i include metronic v7 template in my laravel project step by step
https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/authentication/flows/basic/sign-in.htmlCan you Please check some pages are missing in latest version Please check and add those pages.https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/authentication/flows/basic/sign-in.html
Hi!Can I check if anyone can guide me on how to minify both JS and CSS?I've have tried the steps on the documentation and the size of the js and css are still the same.Cheers,Andy
On this page, we have some filters to apply to the datatables, but there is no documentation on how to use them or how to make them look like the example. https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/apps/subscriptions/list.htmlI found the only documentation at: https://preview.keenthemes.co...
Regular outline buttons all have a gray border regardless if they are primary, warning etc. until they get hover and on hover the color works fine.In the other hand dash outline buttons have the right color until they get hover and then the border turns blue in all of them regardless if they are...
Hi,I just upgraded to 8.1.0 Html Demo1, but the minimized aside function on page load is not an option in this version at all.Will like for the side menu to collapse on load of every page, I check similar question posted here, it didn't work.https://devs.keenthemes.com/question/persist-aside...
Hey,Do you plan to make visual alignements between Metronic HTML and Metronic Vue (Aside, top navigation, ... are not the same) If yes, when can I expected an update for vue version?
I saw this mentioned in the announcement email for Metronic 8.1, but when I clicked and was taken to the demo page, I didn't see the particular demo for the Django Starter.Please advise.Thank you.
I want to hide a particular div by giving them a class
i have noticed that you just released a new update and when I try to change the CSS and js files from the new update to my existing project it does not work properly side menu being diappreadKindly help, i have the support facility in my purchase
Hi Keenthemes Teams, How to make fixed header, menu, breadcrumb like demo 6, in demo 11?
Hi, form select control doesn't show with proper design. Is there any js script initialization required to make it work? How can I fix this in the angular project? Please have a look at the below screenshots:https://ibb.co/7NRx128https://ibb.co/FWfzzpL
Hi, I have a problem with loading time. We have used this template to develop the admin panel and due to low connection speed, loading time become a major problem now. Actually, we have used a few components only and there are lots of unwanted parts. So, identified that if remove those fro...