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Hello,Please share figma file download metronic demo 1 in html
Hi,In the demo when i preview there is all section and pages but when i install every thing only the user management pages are there.so if i want to install all this pages or customize them what i will do.?and another thing can i install any HTML demo in laravel .?
https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/general/menu/overview - here described the menu functionality.In Initialization section: add .menu CSS class to the menu container along with data-kt-menu="true" attribute to define the menu container.With .menu class I add the: "menu-sub menu-...
How is the frosted glass effect of the HTML version of demo55 achieved, which is not mentioned in the document!
I am using this documentation as a sample reference -> https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/general/datatables/server-sideMy datatables is loading continuously without showing results. I suspect I wrongly code the followings in datatables.php:public function getJsonDecode(): mix...
Hello,Just getting started with this theme after purchasing today. We decided on demo14 and noticed that for the flyout menus on the sidebar, like Corporate, the flyout is behind the content on the page. Is there an easy fix for that. Some kind of z-index issue or something?Thanks!
Hi, when I apply style = "var(--bs-app-bg-color);"it turns transparent on dark modeCan you check?
Is there a way to import the html plugins in my Vue project? I am not sure how to configure the Vue project to use those plugins
Hi there,When I update newest version, I found the KeenIcons looks weird at Safari. Please use Safari to check this web page and take a look at header's dark mode menu. The center part of the item "Light" icon seems to be displaced.Check thishttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1TxR2eL6eE5p6v...
hi. i add package for mapbox-gl in your template as i dont want to use leaflet. can you show me in gulp compile to change the NODE_ENV and make mapbox-gl can compile thier dependencies. i got error in css too.
Good evening.I would like to use HTML only with PHP. What do you recommend?Thank you
Hi everyone,how to make a model with form control but without form tags? because I need to send data to the controller by Ajax so, How to make this?Regards,
Hi everyone, I changed the model id, but the cancel and submit button alert does not work, soAre there changes in any script file that must be done? Regards,,
Hey,i am using this version (metronic_html_v8.1.8_demo53) and i have an issue with the form repeater. When i add [] behind the input name (name="user[]") i get this Error Message: formrepeater.bundle.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading '1') at HTM...
Hello.I am using Metronic theme html demo 53 and AngularJS (1.6.9) for my project.I am trying to set select2 as an option along with AngularJS but to no avail.If I set
hello i want to make the background of the sub menu a little darker when it opens, and when I do it, it doesn't become a full width how can I fix itex:i want make this
I am trying to use ribbons to show multiple informations in card headers. My design idea requires multiple ribbons(atleast 3). Any possibility ?
HiI want to report a bug in html demo 51.Go to the App->eCommerce->Catalog->Products and try to change number, from 10 to 25, of the products in the table, which is in the bottom of the table. You will see that is not possible. Also you can not check the products which are in the bottom of the...
Can someone implement the search for contacts on the left side of the chat room?

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