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Hello,Does the license for metronic cover ckeditor or do I have to buy it separately?
Once i purchase Metronic, will get the updated versions for free with all the new demos currently being built?
As I want to use this product for the website which deploys within 3 environments1. SIT2. UAT3. ProductionWill this product support all of these environments, and if it does, which license should I buy in order to fulfill this requirement?
Hi,I want to create a website that has both free and subscription features. End users can use the website for free with limited features or pay for a monthly/yearly subscription plan to use it full-featured. Which license should I purchase to create this website?
Do I need to acquire separate licenses for each individual site within the same domain, or is a single license suitable for the entire domain, including its subdomains?asking for:https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard to purchase a site template with a Regular or Extended license
I have already done the correct installation of Metronic's React templates, but I want to implement it in a project that I have done, but I don't see any tutorial to do it with react, urgent help please
HiI plan to buy the extend license and I want to use my own branding and Logo.Is it part of extend licenes ? Do I need to put your logo, details as well ? ThanksMuly
HiI want to develop SaaS tool with no users limit. The registration is free but the tool will have optional paid services. Which license do I need? Is their any limitation regarding how many users can use my tool? I also have my own branding and want to set my logo. Is it part of the licenes...
Hello. i wanna purchase theme but i want to make sure will found figma source file or it's only coded theme Thanks
Good night form Spain..i have a license of metronic and i like to download a new html file, but all files that i download i have error when i unzip, i use some diferents sotfware and i have same error.Error code 2thanks
Hi, we're in the process of building a CRM application and we're contemplating the purchase of a Metronic theme. I have the following questions:1. We want to sell the CRM application to our clients. Which license if appropriate for us?2. We have hired an agency to develop the CRM application...
My development team and I would like to use Metronic to create applications for resale to our clients. The end clients who will use the application will use it internally. The questions are as follows:1) In this case, will it be sufficient for us to purchase multiple "Regular Licenses" at $49 ea...
Hello, I have 3 questions for you.1. Can I download the new version after 1 year when I make a purchase without the "Extend support to 12 months" option?2. It is enough for me to get a "Regular License" because I only bought it for use with one of my clients, but do I need to use an "Extended Li...
Hi i am looking forward to purchasese the theme our project is in angular and react.If i purchase the theme will i get the files for just angular or is it both?? and is there a seperate link to download the angular theme.Thanks,
My instructor has bought a theme from this website and shared it with us for a course project. Can I use the theme for educational purposes only (I will not publish the website for a profit)?
I purchased metronic theme in 2019 not used till now - trying to setup angular front end but shows only html thingshow to setup angular for metronic
I would like to know if the FullCalendar Scheduler version is included in the Metronic license and which one?
I purchased a Metronic license to develop a web application with CodeIgniter that I need to install at my customers. Do I also need to purchase an OEM license for Fullcalendar for each installation of my application at my customers or is the license provided by Metronic required for any installation...
After researching templates for 2+ days I FINALLY found the perfect CLEAN admin template that seems to have goodsupport and is not 2 years old. I was delighted and giddy when I found the "Star - Star HTML Pro" template!I just bought it this afternoon.But upon downloading it and browsing th...
Hello,we would like to build an attendance and leave management system that employees of our client companies will use. The companies will pay us for using the service.We want to by from you this theme:https://themeforest.net/item/metronic-responsive-admin-dashboard-template/4021469D...
HiI purchased the Metronic | Bootstrap HTML, VueJS, React, Angular, Asp.Net, Django & Laravel Admin Dashboard Theme from ThemeForest on 29th March 2023. The downloaded package includes only a single file under Angular JS directory and which is redirecting it to another download page.I purcha...
Hello.I have a licence from themeforest, but now support it is expired.Do i have to paid full access to download the new version of metronic template.Thansk.Rosendo

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