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How to integrate users from my database with user-management table in Metronic. Your structureis a little bit complicated for me to know. So, please, can you explain me what i need to do? I am using metronic with react
Does Metronic react has own authorization methods. Can I just connect it to my database of users?
How to useMetronic with react. The directory of metrnoic/react consists only demo projects? Am I need to modify the demo? If yes then I have troubles with npm run build. If no how to integrateit to react? Thank you for your future response
In order to have a fixed toolbar using the Light Header Layout, I realized that I should set data-kt-app-toolbar-fixed="true" inside the initLightHeaderLayout() in views/layout/bootstrap.js. Should I go ahead and update bootstrap.js file directly or there should be a source file that should be c...
Hi, I want to know when the express version of metronic will come out. Thank you.

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