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Hello, was wondering if you have updated Figma files available for some of the new features that were recently rolled out?Some of the ones I would like to have access to include:1. Multi-step wizards and modals that are available in the demo2. Different apps such as the Calendar, Chat, & F...
Hello, Can we get figma files, if we have purchased metronic?
Dear Community,Metronic Evolution is on the way! Redesigned UI, dark mode, MUI Version with Next.js, Vite, Typescript, and a rich component library, plus Tailwind Version with Webpack support and versatile components.Complete Redesign. Revolutionary redesign with new UI, dar...
Hello, We've just purchased Metronic 8.2.1 but there is no design folder and Figma file included in the zip.Can you send me a link that I can download the Figma files using my Purchase Code.
HelloDo you have figma file for metronic angular version ?if yes, how can I get it ?Thanks in advance
Hi, I have recently purchased a v8.2 demo6 template. I already downloaded it and I'm looking for the figma but I can't find it, could you tell me where it is? I can't find the design folderCould you tell me the folder path?, thank you
I want to purchase metronic latest theme, I previously had purchase version 7 but I am unable to find design folder inside that to get access of figma file. Can you please confirm that where it can be found?
1. Color code provided by Figma design does not same as the color code been use in Metronic demo.2. Color class been use in Figma design and demo does not same.I would like to ask is there any updated Figma file for overcome this problem?
HelloMy company bought a Keen 3 a couple of month ago. How could I get the figma design file to work with it ? Thank you !
Hi,Just purchased, does this come with a Figma design file?thanks,
Good afternoon, I have purchased the metronic template. There are much fewer pages in the laravel version than in HTML, how can I get them to their HTML quickly? Is there an option with full functionality from HTML to Laravel?Can I get a figma to this template?I am writing from the same mail from wh...
I also don't see any designs for all the apps in this theme.Can you point me in the right direction where these are located or send me the Figma files?
Hello, I just purchased your Metronic theme and while it appears to have everything included for Figma I can't find this landing page:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/landing.htmlCan you point me in the right direction where it's located or send me the Figma file?
Hello,Please share figma file download metronic demo 1 in html
Hello.I bought a metronic theme couple days ago and for some reason after I imported file to the figma some widgets corrupting if I copy them or if I try to change them.Please pay attention to the table title or statuses.
Hi, the Figma file I got in the Themeforest download package only contains the colors, typography, buttons and badges and then suddenly stops - there's nothing else in terms of components. Where do I get the rest of the UI components such as inputs, switches, cards, list items, charts etc.?Thank...
Anyone knows how to open the figma file for the UI kit? It is not recognised by Figma...
If I buy the regular plan, do I get the figma page and 46 demos of html, react, etc?
Hello,I need to customise and reskin my template. But I'm not sure how flexible my designer can get with changes. I need some guidance as well as I need figma designs for all demos for React. Thanks,
Hi,We have purchased and used the Metronic theme(s) for sometime.Is it possible to download design elements for the latest version of Metronic for Figma as we would like to do some storyboarding between our business and dev teams to document the layout/use of components in various parts of the s...

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