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Hi there,I cannot find the Good theme landing page in the archives you supplied. I've checked in:- good_html_v1.1.0- good_django_v1.1.0The missing page:https://preview.keenthemes.com/good/landing.htmlCan you please point me in the right direction?Thanks,Giedrius
the implemented version of Form Repeater dosent support repeaterVal() function for number imputs but it is fixed in the newer version how can i update my theme to use the newer version https://github.com/DubFriend/jquery.repeater/pull/94
Hello,I have changed the user's Layout from Offcanvas to a Dropdown using the Builder, but I faced a problem, the menu does not appear unless the page is empty. Note: the Dropdown-menu is located on the Layout page.
I followed all the procedure but gulp executes nothing suddenly I find myself with 50 dollors to throw? can you help me? I have a new project to start this weekend.
I'm downloading the latest version of Metronic 8.1.7But there is no HTML file inside the zip folder.Is that right?
Hi Metronic team, Our company purchased metronic 8.Excuse me, how to change demo 38 light theme mode color? In demo 38, the light theme mode color is #47be7d ,we hope to change the color into #1b1e87 .Hope to get your response.Demo38:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo38/ind...
Hi, I am trying to apply demo43 to my angular project. I am having a problem like in the image in the link.red areas do not work when clicking or mouse hovering. Also, the spaces in the header are slightly different. I wonder if a js is responsible for the related fields. Could I have imported s...
when i download metronic 8 demo 1 html version i cant find the preview assets in media folderthis is the link, but there is no preview folder inside demo 1, assets/media/preview/prebuilts/dashboards/marketing.png
var options = ""; for(var i=0; i < columns.length; i++) { if( columns[i].data != null && columns[i].data != undefined) { options += " "+ columns[i].data +" "; } }$('#role').html(options);
Hello,I would like to use mouse drag and a custom navigation container to make a product gallery, similar to the example at https://github.com/ganlanyuan/tiny-slider/issues/277. However, I am unable to find these attribute parameters in the Metronic documentation.example i need in js :...
Hi Brother,I am using Demo 7 Package in ThemeRetrieves Origin and Pathname as href only when hovering over the logoFrom Which Script File Can I Cancel or Edit the Path Information Here?
Dear KeenThemes Team,thank you very much for this perfect framework! Thanks to your diligent work I was able to create the frontend of a member portal within a few weeks.Thanks to the good documentation and the many examples I got along very well. Except for two things:1. delay at mouse...
Hello, I have been trying to make the subtable work for me the past few days but i can't seem to find a way. I imported the JS and CSS and the only error i'm getting in console (GET ---- NET::ERR_ABORTED 404).I'm really out of ideas as this is an im...
Hi!When trying to build using Webpack, the following error is displayed:>> Building metronic bundle...>> Failed to compile metronic bundle!ModuleBuildError: Module build failed (from ./node_modules/mini-css-extract-plugin/dist/loader.js):ModuleBuildError: Module build failed...
Hi, seems that v8.1.7 has missing styles :-(style.bundle.cssCannot resolve '--bs-blockquote-footer-color' custom propertyCannot resolve '--bs-body-text-align' custom propertyCannot resolve '--bs-breadcrumb-divider' custom propertyCannot resolve '--bs-breadcrumb-font-size'...
There is a functionality that by means of a button I place in fullscreen? and being in fullscreen the aside and the header are hidden, leaving only visible, the toolbar and the content. That the content expands to the width that occupies the aside
Not sure if this would category as a bug, but for the current version of Metronic version 8.17, the HTML template 13's plugin.bundle.js file has an error that's preventing the file from being compressed.plugins.bundle.js: Unexpected token: punc «{», expected: punc «)» (line: 12897, col: 665)
Hello, I would like to download the demo 43 in html version of the Template. I can't find it in the download area.Where can I download it? Thank youHave a nice day
Hi,I am unable to find tables related code in angular version of all demos. Is it available or should i convert html myself?In demo that i saw before buying , tables were included in angular version with all filters etc.RegardsA Chohan.
Hi sir,I am using the theme metronic html version 8.1.6,I used npm run build --prod then .rtl file removed & I used npm run localhost --demo1 buid asset removed1.I have need only which plugin css these i used plugins.How it is fix
I accessed the following page from both my iPad mini and iPhone 11https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/forms/select2In the "Multiple Selection" selectbox:The "x" icons are not displaying properly, please refer to attached screenshot1. Does anyone know how to fix this, or if...
hi, does rider html template version 1.0.2 have download link, because it's still downloading v1.0.1 from the page, thank you

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