Design (6)

Hi,Is there, by any change, a Metronic Design System file (preferably Adobe XD) available?It would be very useful to have, for UI/UX designers, to use as base designs, together with the HTML/Vue/Angular/etc for frontend developers.Thanks.
How do I change or access the files to be used in Abobe XD/ Figma?
Hi,Thought you should know that the top right icons are not horizontally aligned in the latest update to the Good admin dashboard.Cheers
Hi,I have install demo1 for Laravel. Now I want to add new feature to admin panel. What is the best way for this. Is there any CRUD generator or I need to add Model, Controller, Menu, View manually? Is there any tutorials for this?
Hi, How we can customize the colors? I have seen the documentation, but not understand well. Give us easy to implement trick for colors change.Note : We doesn’t need solution for SAAS. We need direct solution via CSS.Regards