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Hi sir, I used metronic8 v.1 version, please explained in detail which update in new one
I am currently using a demo version 23 from HTML to Vue.js, but there is an issue with the user menu that cannot be clicked or hovered over. I have already executed KTMenu.init() in the user menu component, and there is no error, but the menu still does not appear. Thank you.
Hello,can i hide sidebar on specific menu or with compenent without toggle button on metronic vue?im using metronic 8.i want to hide sidebar when onMounted from component.Thank you
Is there an example somewhere of handling dynamic images in vue? I could swear that one of the demo pages had it but I can't find it.
Hello, this link is broke, please help:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/vue/docs/getting-started/build/gulp
I don't want to use the Vue3 version.Instead I want to simply create a vue3 project form scratch and just import the theme...I tried several ways, but could get it to work.What would be the basic setup to simply have the metronic theme on an newly and clean vue3 project.Than...
Hello!Can you please give an example of this in Vue?https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/general/datatables/subtableAnd perhaps expand on some other vue examples with datatables?
Hello,I found the layout "Marketing Automation" in HTML, but I can not find it in VUE, can I create one in VUE easily?Thanks
Dear Support Team,I hope this message finds you well. My name is Ahmad Bilal, and I am utilizing the KT Metronic theme for our projects. First and foremost, I'd like to express my appreciation for the quality of your theme and the features it offers.I am writing to seek assistance with a spe...
Hi Team, How to Update KTDataTables data by fetching it from API. I am facing updating data in KT data Table fetching from API in vue version of metronic 8. Thanks in advance.
Hi I'm using metronic vue demo 1,I created a modal to handle creating and updating data, when updating the data should appear in the text fields so the user can change it, but that didn't work for me. I have tried multiple tricks, her is my code
Hi team , I am using metronics 8x version which was developed on vuex for state management library . My question is :If in latest updates metronic is using pinia as state management instead of vuex. Do i need to update my project with pinia. Frankly i don't want to change vuex to pinia . i...
Hi team , I am using metronics 8x version which was built-on on create-vue tool. now as what i was checking change log of metronics , i saw in one updates create-vue tool has been replaced from vite, so are you guys going to give support of create-vue tool or should i update my project with late...
Hello , Metronic Vue demo 8 when I want add customer the popup opening and data in some fields are existing , when I click discard the data clear from fields , the issue here when I click The sign of the exit popup and click add customer again , The data that appeared in the popup when adding...
Hello,I have a problem creating a modal inside another modal. I tried different ways.For example:https://thewebdev.info/2022/05/08/how-to-open-another-modal-in-modal-with-bootstrap/and
I have problem with fullCalander Package when i build the project the problem is when i put a dynamic events ( using ref or reactive ) they block the page without any response i get also warning in browser about : ( in the dev mode ) "runtime-core.esm-bundler.js:40 [Vue warn]: Maximum recursive u...
Morning,how can we modifiy the style of the scrollbar, the width or the color for example.Thank you
Hi Team ,Is seting up Different color theme of Metronic is possible on load time . I want to load different color for different client App .Suppose a client A login to App then Whole app appear with blue,If Client B login to APP , then whole app appear with pink theme..and so on ..
After purchasing the theme, an error occurs when you import the vscode folder and run it.vscode -> npm intall ->npm run dev errorAn error has occurred.versionnode version : v16.20.2vue version : @vue/cli 5.0.8select project : https://keenthemes.com/products/rider-vue-pro-------...
We are building food website where we are not selling theme to end user but we are getting orders from customers and delivering food to them. We are not selling this food website to anyone, we are using as service. Is regular license fine with this scenario?
i am facing an issue related to vue-i18n package during the build (npm run build)[commonjs--resolver] Failed to resolve entry for package "@intlify/shared". The package may have incorrect main/module/exports specified in its package.json: No known conditions for "." specifier in "@intlify/share...
https://preview.keenthemes.com/seven-html-pro/dashboards/finance-performance.htmlI am interested in this template.This template is implemented with Bootstrap.Are there any templates converted to Vue or built with Vue?

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