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Hi, Good day I want to ask about the metronic template, if I buy a metronic template with a regular license, Can l get all demos or just one demo? I appreciate your help so much
Hello,I have issue with your template after I loop the records using *ngFor(angular) the setting icon not showing options like(Approve, Reject, Create payment). Please find code and screen shot and advice.https://drive.google.com/file/d/128Z-bLsLzs1TjXRx9uG7dMwGcCV-rR0t/view?usp=share_link...
Hi I'm using the latest update for my new Laravel project.For me, there is a latency to pages getting loaded both locally and in the cloud environments.I also have a project in version 7 it doesn't have this issue.
I want to customize the theme options available in my metronic8 html theme with demo15. It currently has light, dark and system option. I want to add a few more and customize them to store those custom user preferences.Where do I find the css and js files for this? I have checked on inspect elem...
Hello, there are amazing html pre built pages that are not available in react. How hard is for me to be able to use some of those pages as foundation for my development in react?
Hello,I want to activate page-loader in Metronic template, but I can't.When I make the codes given in the documentation, the button is triggered, but I want to show the page-loader until the page is fully loaded.How can I do that?What javascript code should I use?
I am using the ktmenu inside it add several html elements, my problem is when using the select2 plugin,This select is multiple, when removing an option the ktmenu closes the sameWhat I can dogif of what happens https://ibb.co/6vgxmmW
Hi there,Is there a video guide on how to get this installed pm NGINX or get it all working for HTML? It doesn't seem to be something I can just upload and edit like normal HTML templates. If there are any guides this would be great. I found your old youtube videos on this but it's slightly...
How do I install keenicons on my project using vite?
I have issue in displaying drop dowm data within input form. Once I select drop down its showing in background. My code is below. Please advice.
Anyone else notice the clickable area for the breadcrumb links in the Demo1 is really small and slightly above the text?https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/index.htmlAs we are using the demo1 as a building block, we are also seeing this in our application.Anyone know how to fi...
Hi I can't set select2 search on modal and tabs,? but other modal without tabs it is can to set search select2, how to upload image in this question??????
Hi Sir/Ma'm,I want to purchase a dashboard theme. But didn't know what is in the package. I required a dashboard with HTML, React, and Blazor. So can guide me if i purchase, they are included in the demos or i have to buy each one of them seperatly.waiting for your reply.Thanks
Hi,In want to sort data by a default column and prevent user from changing it. That means, NO column in my table is sortable .Please try it on your examplehttps://preview.keenthemes....
Hi,I looked but I didn't find it, is there a way to leave the horizontal menu in the Star theme?Att.
Please consider update Tempus Dominus library to the latest version.The current one, 6.2.10 has a lot of errors with Internationalization.The latest version for this library is 6.7.7
HelloThere is no customize button in Demo 1. Layout builder page is not included in the demo. I need to reach urgently, where can I reach?Good luck
I am using the theme HTML, demo 5, Metronic 7.2.9 and implementing chat functionality.Due to a lot of messages, when the page is loaded, I need to scroll automatically to be positioned in the bottom - showing the last message. How can I get it?Thanks
hello i finish my code but the " always realod when i click on it without my code works please help me how can i remove the fking realod
Dear, we have purchased Metronic and downloaded demo17 following the steps doneinstalling prerequisites setup the Medtronic using Gulpused layout builder and exported the desired templatethe question is when I unzip exported template and open the HTML file there is just a blank white pagep...
Hi all,I am currently facing the issue that the Bootstrap tooltips won't show up.I use```js$(document).ready(function () { // Init Metronic core components KTComponents.init();});```to initialize the components. That works fine for the other components.Unfortunately, the bo...
When you download Metronic, you get a particular demo source with the download. I am wanting to change colors and some minor details with say buttons and badges. I can make these changes, but I want to see the impact of those changes more in the way the Documentation lays out the items and less li...

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