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Hi,https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/forms/select2#groupThere are 3 items in each group in the above example.If I have more than 6 items (>= 7) in a group, a nested scrollbar will appear whi...
Hello, I would like to know how I can reduce the plugins/global/plugins.bundle.js and assets/js/scripts.bundle.js file of the ceres html template. Since I currently have all my website created and only use 30% of these files, so I would like to know how to reduce the code that I do not use.T...
Hi all, for the form validation is bind with attribute "name" only. If i have repeater form how do i validation with it ?For example:username: {validators: {notEmpty: {message: "Username not empty"}}}if i put username[] will get error
How can i add a google translate script in Metronic theme
Hi, I am trying to create a static logo/menu for my app but cant seem to get it to work. I am editing the header top file and all i want to do is stop it from swapping between a mobile header and a normal one. I only have a small logo and 1 button but for the life of me, i cannot get it to s...
I need to download a demo to with RTLwhy i can't download this demo using Rtl
Hello is it possible to download (with license key) previous versions of Metronic? I'm interested in the latest for Bootstrap4.Thank you,Emile
https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/general/stepper#verticalEverything looks perfect in your example. However, in my case, if stepper-title or stepper-desc are longer...
Hello,I am very interested in purchasing your product. I wanted to know if the landing page is also included in the package, should I start by creating that and then all the rest of our site.https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/landing.htmlThank you so much for your reply!
I would like to switch to Metronic HTML template for a custom website but some of my tables are truncated when displayed. Can't figure why? Is there a max characters for tables?
Hello,i created a form, which gives input depends on the answer. If the user use radiobutton 1 then comes a other input than if he would use radiobutton 2.How can i validate the anwers the user choice and dont validate the input from the other radiobutton.Thanks!System: HTML
I am wondering how easy/hard it is to change the main color of the templates. I am particularly looking this template:https://preview.keenthemes.com/craft/index.html
Hi! metronic 8 pie chart not displayedI add the pie chart in the https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/charts/chartjs link, but it does not work, it gives an error"Failed to create chart: can't acquire context from the given item"
I want to use Demo 23 but there is no Vuejs sample, how can i use demo 23 but with vuejs installed ? Thanks.
Hello,I'm having issues with the select2 class.Here's the situation:When I click a button, a modal opens and form data is printed here via ajax from another php page. The style of the objects within the form disappears. Can you help me solve this problem?
Hi, I am using metronic 7.0.0 and I want to come out a editable datatable, I saw the KTDatatable did not provide a function of this, any ways for me to achieve this?
I cannot find the document for this anymore. The class is still there in your css file but it seems like now hover-scroll-x works as the same way with hover-scroll-overlay-x as you mentioned in your document.
Morning Do you have an ETA for the logistic app in Metronic please? This is critical for our project and for our purchase. ThanksNar
Dear Developers,I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek your assistance with an issue I am facing in my Angular 15 project using the latest Metronic theme.Previously, I was using Angular 8 with the Metronic theme, but upon upgrading to Angular 15, I encountered problems with...
1、Can this page be added to metronic8?(https://keenthemes.com/tutorials) I like it very much, I really want it,In this way, I can use metronic8 on both the front and back ends.2. Can demo34 be used in demo2 vue? How are layout and css files migrated?
hello I want to use Classic CKEditor Example but it is not working with the codes given on the document page. https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/editors/ckeditor/classic
For the millionth time but reporting it so its here. KTUtil is not defined riddles every single page in this repo on the latest version. I downloaded it a couple hours ago. This is a non-starter and in my opinion a critical escalation as I've seen several people just tonight post inside others reque...

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