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Hi,I have implemented a datatable from the Laravel example (starter-kit).The datatable works perfectly - it lists all of my Clients in the clients.index viewpublic function index(ClientsDataTable $datatable){return $datatable->render('pages.clients.in...
Hi, based on user data retrieved from the server, I need to dynamically create action button - Toggle drop down (which will show edit / delete button) . When I click this button , Menu is not opening. Template : Seven Html 1.1.4Page : User Management / User
Hello am using metronic 8.1.6 and the dropdown on datatables is not working it just scrolls up, but i see on 8.1.8 its working how do i fix this on 8.1.6
HelloI have Rider HTML Pro and have particularly been investigating the datatables part. I am new to javascript and website building so I am getting very overwhelmed with how it all works. The tutorials, which are very helpful, and examples use inline data, however I would like to use my own csv...
Good afternoon,I am using Metronic 8.2.1 Laravel, and by default, it comes with the users table, and I would like to know how I can insert other tables, and what is the most appropriate way to do it. For example, fetching the tables from the eCommerce Catalog and using them.Could you please expl...
Hello, I can't find example of Sub Datatable for react?There is example for html with use of datatables but nothing similar for react.I would like to get result like this but with react:https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/general/datatables/subtableThanks.
Hi, I've added a dropdown button in datatable row. But it doesn't show dropdown menu on click. Then I've checked demo page and got the same result at https://preview.keenthemes.com/keen/demo1/apps/customers/list.htmlDropdown buttons doesn't work
Hi,How can I rowReorder for datatables.net ?I tried the examples on datatables.net.
Good Day KeenTeam Dev,I'm here to report and to request for Metronic 8 datatable responsive layout to be same as Metronic 7 as per comparison now the Metronic 8 datatable responsive looks like a downgrade compare to Metronic 7.Kindly refer to the image below for comparison: -
HelloHow can i change all columns dynamically ?Thanks in advanceAlexis
Is it possible to make a whole cell or row linkable in datatables? I am using Metronic Vue demo7. Thank you!
Hi.I'm using Metronic html version.Is there a way to have it in italian language?Or I need to translate it?Please let me know. Thanks
I have a problem in Livewire 2 when the modal close the page is disabled, document.addEventListener('livewire:load', function () { Livewire.on('success', function () { $('#kt_modal_add_user').modal('hide'); window.LaravelDataTables['users-table']...
Hello!Can you please give an example of this in Vue?https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/general/datatables/subtableAnd perhaps expand on some other vue examples with datatables?
Hello, We are using jQuery repeater to add variations to an object with a dropdown select and text field. We can save variations successfully but when editing the object we need to init the created variations for the object. For example a t-shirt has two variations color(dropdown) red(text) and...
I have Metronic Laravel Starter Kit. It has User management module setup. In user list there is no filter option. Any one know how to add filter option in that (Like in html https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/general/datatables/server-side).
Greetings,I bought your Metronic admin (HTML) product at themeforest but unfortunately in the file there is no information on managing the server-side datatable. It is possible to have these parts.Thank you. Sincerely
I tried multiple plugins.to this example When I gave scroll:true value, I got the result I wanted.
Hi !What is the process of creating a new datatable in Metronic Laravel starterkit ?It seems it's quite complicated, I followed the official yajra docs but it's not working on the starterkit, although working on a fresh installation of laravel (without metronic).Thank You
Rol In my mvc project, I have such a button in the data table. The title works in accordance with the theme...
I have observed that subsequent to updating my Metronic version to the latest release, there appears to have been a change in the visual presentation of a button. Regrettably, the altered appearance of the button is not aligned with the expected aesthetic standards.

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