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Hi sir I using metronic8 please tell how to add scroll auto height in kt data-kt-drawer,please explaine in detail with example
I'm using Saul theme in an MVC application. select2 is not initiated. Based on the documentation it's bundled in the global plugin.Everything work fine in the page that I'm working on it, but select2 is not initiated. I can see all the related javascript and css code in plugins.bundle.css and .js...
First of all I wanted to say I love using your products :D.The only thing I noticed about the documentation (Keenicons): When I copy it, the format is very different (there are always unnecessary spaces there, which means you have to remove them first so that the icons can be used).
While using nested pop up screens, I get this error when I click on the inputs-selectors within the pop up. I could not fix it. I only get this error in this "stacked modal" structure. Can anyone help me how to solve it?
Hello.This page is broken, so the "theme builder" is not usable.https://preview.keenthemes.com/start-html-pro/layout-builder.htmlI paid for the theme and my license is still valid so I'd like to use that page too.
Hi, I'm Using Metronic Theme Demo 7 Package v8.1.1,I Use It as Render and Layout, How Can I Trigger the Menu, Notification, Task Titles in the Left Layout When I Press the New App Button in the Render Area?After I Give an ID to the Li Element for the Task Area in the Left Menu, I Send a Click...
Hi thereRecently I started seeing this white border/line under the curve tops on the landing page. It doesn't show on all the screens but it is usually visible on mobile screens and desktop screens. Not sure where it has appeared from, I can see it in the code I downloaded from code-canyon as well...
Hi,im Ruben. i have a drawer at the right of mi page and i want to know if its possible to open another drawer inside the first drawer.Regards.
Hello, I've been struggling for a couple of weeks and can not make the functionality of the CRM system work can you recommend how I can make it work I even redesigned, but nothing happens
This is my code$('#ConsultingDate').flatpickr({allowInput: true,maxDate: new Date(),dateFormat: "Y-m-d",});,ConsultingDate = 26 September 2023.The format I want to display the dates is 09/26/2023.The only format that I managed to show was 2023-...
Hi there,I noticed that package we bought does not have the input focus border highlighting.Mostly forms-control for input , select and etc.Below is metronic sites does have the input focus.https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic/demo1/crud/forms/validation/form-controls.htmlI did chec...
plugins.bundle.js uses: jQuery JavaScript Library v3.4.1https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2020-11022CVE-2020-11022: Regex in its jQuery.htmlPrefilter sometimes may introduce XSShttps://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2020-23064CVE-2020-11023, CVE-2020-23064: passing HTML containing
Hi sir, I used metronic8 v.1 version, please explained in detail which update in new one
I am currently using a demo version 23 from HTML to Vue.js, but there is an issue with the user menu that cannot be clicked or hovered over. I have already executed KTMenu.init() in the user menu component, and there is no error, but the menu still does not appear. Thank you.
Hi.I'm using Metronic html version.Is there a way to have it in italian language?Or I need to translate it?Please let me know. Thanks
Hello, I am using metronic v8.1.5 demo20. I want to use the menu above as a left menu, how can I do it?
I tried running below command for HTML Metronic template. I am getting below error. I searched a lot for the answers, but could not get it to work with the suggested solutions.npm run build --demo1> metronic@8.2.0 build> webpack[webpack-cli] Invalid configuration object. Webpack has be...
Hello!On the multi steps sign up I need to put a cancel button on the first page, but I cant figure out how to make it. Can you help me?https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo39/authentication/extended/multi-steps-sign-up.htmlThanks,Elieser
BeforeAfter.g-recaptcha iframe { border: 0; border-radius: 5px; width: 302px; height: 76px;}
Is there a way to put a page or their children (div) in fullscreen? I am looking for this functionality to expand application┬┤s charts or pages.Best regards.

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