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Tag: RTL (55)

Hello everyoneI am Working within React v8.2.2I want to change the orientation of the entire website - from right to left - when selecting the Arabic languageIf you return to the English language, change the direction from left to rightThank you all
Hello, Is there an RTL for the style of Datatables for Metronic 8.1.8??how to make RTL Datatables ?? PLS help me
Hi everyone, I used Metronic v.8.1.8 deom4, I want to add shecduler tool -Telerik scheduler ( , I added all script that related to Telerik in _Layout.cshtml, but telerik scheduler can't run, and this error displayed (kendoScheduler is not a...
Hi everyone,I used Metronic v.8.1.8 html demo4, and create my chart, when change the language to Arabic language, tooltip of chart have become very long ( longer of screen size ), Is there any align property, or size property to make the size of tooltip fixed with all languages??T...
Hello, I need RTL filesI did not find the following files in the folders
Install webpack dependencies for RTL bundler using this command: npm install --save-dev webpack webpack-rtl-plugin remove-files-webpack-plugin css-loader mini-css-extract-plugin webpack-cli.Create a file named rtl.config.js and copy the webpack...
I need a clock widget and calendar widget for show many countries local time and the date of the day in my template , do metronic have this things ?! If yes ,how can i use ?! If No how can i find and use this things i need?
Dear Team,I trust this email finds you well. I hope you're having a great day.I am reaching out to seek guidance regarding the implementation of a left and right sidebar concept in Laravel 8.19. I have been working on a project where I believe incorporating this feature would greatly enhance...
I have noticed that the Metronic Vue dashboard does not include an RTL version.I have seen in some previous questions a method to convert it to an RTL version (EX: )(EX:
Install webpack-rtl-plugin and remove-files-webpack-plugin using command: npm install --save-dev webpack-rtl-plugin remove-files-webpack-plugin
I'm trying to follow steps to change layout to RTL I got an error message._keenthemes\tools> gulp --rtl [20:08:22] Local modules not found in D:\ikbal\resources\_keenthemes\toolsplease help me or send a RTL...
After examining the documentation and adhering to all the instructions provided, the issue persisted. Based on my analysis, I suspect that the KeenThemes team is responsible for the problem since I was unable to locate the code responsible for changing the direction of the page.
Hey, I want to integrate my react app with metronic. How to start that. I have a sample metronic project along with me. Guide me with the steps
✘ ⚙ xxx@xxx-ThinkPad-P15v-Gen-2i  ~/Downloads/Metronic-7.2.9/theme/html/tools  npm run build --demo1 > metronic@7.2.9 build /home/xxx/Downloads/tmp/Metronic-7.2.9/theme/html/tools> webpack...
how i can use dynamic menu in metronic 8with metronic 7 there is a dynamic-header-menu.config.ts/dynamic-aside-menu.config.ts, but i can't find them in metronic 8
I have downloaded demo7 HTML, version 8.1.8I could not find rtl CSS files for the theme. They are not available although they are available on version 8.1.7Anyone can helpThank you
i have large aside menu , but the scroll bar not exists and cannot scroll down to see the other items in the aside i can enable scroll bar to aside menu?
Hi ,please can you replay to me in this question in this link I asked before 2 day Thanks .
Metronic demo 8 version 8.1.7node v18.14.1npm 9.5.0Is there specific files style.css & style.rtl.css for each Metronic demo ,if there , where I can find it .
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