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Hello,How to use the Layout Builder Exported Files, I am struggling here and I wonder why it's not something easy to do.I am trying to make the template RTL.Best Regards
Hello,I have changed the user's Layout from Offcanvas to a Dropdown using the Builder, but I faced a problem, the menu does not appear unless the page is empty. Note: the Dropdown-menu is located on the Layout page.
Hiim trying to use KTBlockUI in angular demo, I executed this code but it gives me an error which the liberary is not defined?var target = document.querySelector('#blockme');var blockUI = new KTBlockUI(target);blockUI.block();
I build the website to switch between 2 languages one LTR and the other one RTL,so please guide us in building the output with both languages (RTL and LTR)we are using Vue demo 8 and Metronic 8.1.6
I can't find the sticky card feature in metronic 7 in metronic 8. How can I do it ? I'll be happy if you can help me.Screenshot
I Purchased this theme from - https://themeforest.net/ "Envato "my Purchase codes : 1281048f-b32b-4cda-8653-f55b8d6ae64dI need the CSS file for the theme RTL option
I need a co-founder programmer, If you are dedicated to the projectDesign and develop Online construction market website like :https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic/demo10/rtl/index.html in both Languages English / Arabic Online construction market :1.Multiple Signup2.Main page3....
I'm using the metronic 8, but the build speed is too slow. It takes about four or five minutes I wonder if there is a way to improve it. For example, I want to know if I can use vite instead of webpack-rtl or other packages.
Hi keenthemes,The Slider appears to not work in RTL Landing page, although it is working on the LTR .. ??Here : https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/rtl/landing.htmlthank you
Hello,I read your documentation about RTL version of angular demo1 but it seems i can't make a switch from rtl to ltr at run time depending on language (Arabic language) is there any solution or work around to make this happened ?
please add resizable cards feature, is this in your plan?please this feature will be great feature
HelloI use Asp.net core templateQ1: I have a problem when writing texts on the side menu in Arabic, they appear in the form of symbols,For example, I changed the name of the Dashboards menu to Control Panel. The following was displayed: ���� ������.Q2: When I change the display language of...
Hello TeamI downloaded the Medtronic v8.1 for asp net core 6 I found that the direction is a key in the "appsettings.json" file, but I'd like the user to dynamically change the direction while the app running, using the "appsettings" I will set the direction only on the app startany sugg...
HelloHow are you hope you good and healthy Excuse me RTL assets not include in assets folder for metronic
Hello, I was trying to switch between RTL to LTR with Angular and I have implemented this waydocument.querySelector("link[href='styles.css']")?.setAttribute('id', 'main-layout');this.translationService.updateLangLayout();updateLangLayout(lang? : string){ if(lang){ if (l...
I am using vue version of Metronic and I want to change font family of whole website when user changes the language (to for example 'es'). Is it even possible? and can I make it use RTL template if user changes language to a RTL language?
Hello,can you help me to use the RTL version of React Demo2,I tried the way in this documentation https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/react/docs/docs/rtl?_ga=2.39990240.357919024.1654593330-2053407565.1650200434but it doesn't work at all.You also mention this way https://preview.keen...
My purchase code in themeforest for metronic is 0a4d6273-250b-4024-88ed-05130e974571webpack-rtl.config.js file does not exixst.I couldn't use the metric angular RTL please helpThanks Ramy
I did all steps in this link https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/react/docs/docs/rtl but it doesn't work like Metronic exampleMetronic RTL Demo
Hello,I have download keen theme via getbootstrap.com, i unzip all folder files, there no 'classical' or 'defult' as youtube video explain, only sass fI follow instruction and install npm,yarn,gulp and all node_modules, i can work well with gulp command and run live all demos, but when come to u...