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I am trying to put permissions in the left side menu in the file located in config->global->menu.phpI tried in the following way but it only detects the first permission, I would like to detect several'permission' => 'system.roles.master','system.permisos', 'system.auditoria','system.registr...
Hello, Im using the Laravel installation Docs for Metronic 8, and i seem to run into alot of problems, are the docs outdate?eg:[webpack-cli] Error: Cannot find module './resources/assets/demo1/js/scripts.js'Require stack:when i run the npm run dev
I'm looking for a "blank page" to use for the base template / layout for my next laravel project - what is the best way to go about this with "Good – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template" ?
Hi sir, How can I add route with parameters in menu.php? For example the declared route in web.php is Route::get('test/{id}', 'TestController@index')->name('test.index); array( 'title' => 'Test', 'path' => 'test/1', 'bullet' => '
This is one of the best themes, but one of the biggest shortcomings is that there is no laravel+vue starter kit.I tried to do it following all the steps here I get these errors
i am using metronic 8 laravel demo3, i try to create a new page contain a datatable list of usersi got this javascript error msg Uncaught TypeError: $(...).DataTable is not a function, despite adding datatable.bundl.js on config/page.js
HiI downloaded Metronic 8 package and wanna use Laravel. Though there are lots of useful JS pre-initialized packages inside it, VueJs module is not added. How can I properly add vuejs module and use it.Thanks in advance looks like both are not alligned the same, but the html code is the same.
Hello,Why Laravel Demo6 doesn't come like all 12 dashboards even after:npm run devnpm run dev --demo6$theme->setDemo('demo6'); in AppServiceProvider.phpCan you help me?Thanks
what is best practice for charging demo5 slug to my own: etc. coretheme.i know no one looks inside page source view but demo word in css links looks not good for my brains ;)do i need search and replace all files and code for word demo5? or it's easer way to do it? any tutorials welcome.
in ralavel demo switcher is empty without dot when turned off: ralavel demo chart is over bordes.
I'm having issues with installation of the theme itself. I've followed the 'Laravel' installation tutorial to the letter, yet my final 'npm run dev' does not seem to work. Node version: v16.16.0Laravel version 9.xIt seems like this tutorial version is an older version, because it states th...
I can't find a way to edit with javascript and submit the image. The controller always returns me missing image. I want use the image-input metronic component.What would be the correct way to do it?This is my submit form:...
Hello, as per laravel docs you running Laravel Mix? Vite has replaced Laravel Mix in new Laravel installations.Laravel mix (webpack) has been replaced by official laravel vite, are there any plans in moving metronic 8 laravel to vite ?
Hi guys, i recently bought mecatronic 8 theme implemented with Laravel+Vue. When i run npm the compiler tends to get stuck at 64% for 40-50 minutes. I dont use Gulp, but could Gulp make a better flow?
I have a page that pulls from the user ID, But I cannot set a title or add script to that page. The endpoint is the following:{id}/projectsBUT I cannot set scripts or title from the Pages.php in config folder. Currently looks like this: 'customers'...
Hi;M using version 8.1. on project but how can update to 8.1.1
I use php 8.0.15 with Laravel and node js 14.16 ! The version before runs great, now i dont be able start it because lot errors. Yoo make a great work, please update the informationa for php, node deps and all, to start working !Thank you for really great inspiration and coding ! Uwe
I got difficulties implementing existing vue components in laravel. I got various problems, and every time i solve one another one appears: "vue doesn't recognize ", "differently vue versions in package", etc. I tried to watch and read all your documentation but i could not find something mor...
how can i include metronic v7 template in my laravel project step by step
Hi,I am currently having an backend system built with php on laravel, and want to use Metronic as the UI interface. are there any ready made code bases which I can build the web app on?Thanks