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I know that Metronic doesnt have inbuilt calendar theme in React. How to use the theme from HTML on React code?Currently my code looks like this.const CalendarPage = () => { // Define your docket details or fetch them from an API return (
I would like to know if the FullCalendar Scheduler version is included in the Metronic license and which one?
I purchased a Metronic license to develop a web application with CodeIgniter that I need to install at my customers. Do I also need to purchase an OEM license for Fullcalendar for each installation of my application at my customers or is the license provided by Metronic required for any installation...
Hi,Whenever we have too many events in a day, then the "more..." option displays, but whenever we click that, the content is shown over with the cell's inside content without hiding that.See the following image for a better understanding: Link
Hello,I need to know if there’s the possibility to use the calendar app inside a web page. Thank you.
I use Metronic V34 with laravel9 to manage a set of events. I manage to save the data in the database but to display them with the method response()->json() in the calendar it gives me this error:Failure parsing JSON someone can help me pleasethere is te controller method to display the data: pu...
I want to set the language setting of the calendar to Turkish. I would be very grateful if you can help me.

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