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Pre-sale Questions (202)

Hi Everyone,We just completed our first year of service on a side project that used a theme that was not very supportive of mobile-based users. We are considering moving to Keen Themes, but I cannot find any reference information on how we could migrate to!I have watched the videos on "First... want to buy this theme. When I download it, will I be able to use it directly as HTML, CSS and JS? I don't know how to use Gulp, Vue etc
Quiero comprar el demo de keen demo 2, estoy trabando en angular es compatible
Team - I think your Metronic is a nice framework and you guys support all the latest frameworks from Spring to Blazor to React, basically from Java to .NET to JS based frameworks.Considering your team talent base, I think you should consider adding support for Astro as well (
How do I update the CSS and SASS only in vuejs demo 1 to get the keenIcons?
We are currently building a project based on React 18 and PHP. We really like your UI. After purchase, there will be no support for the PHP backend, but there will be support for the frontend. Regarding the frontend pages, are they HTML pages or JSX source code? Also, if I want to define some compon...
When you purchase Metronic, the premier admin dashboard template from ThemeForest, comprehending the licensing terms is crucial to ensure your usage complies with legal requirements. This guide aims to demystify these terms, highlighting the differences be...
Hey team,I would like to use your template on our upcoming project, we are planning to build an academic portal. So students will be paying their registration fee via the website. Can we purchase the standard license and use our own Payment Gateway? and also I have a question can we extend our S...
After I purchased this template, how can I customize it? where, On which platform should I import it to be able to start working on it and customize the different parts of the template?Also, can I import it in the Wordpress? Will I be able to edit it in a drag-and-drop way?
remove Why use this button? It will not rebound when pressed. For demo6 vue version projects, it is also not possible to use a link to replace it.
Hey there, while exploring the demo version for VueJS, I'm curious if the premium version offers additional components and features beyond what's showcased in the demo version. Or is it restricted to the features demonstrated in the demo version?
SO my existing system is developed in web application . And we want upgrade the UI with metronic theme. Can we Integrate it to already existing system. In case after buying i still have issues with integration can i get a refund back. Will there be 24 * 7 support to help me with it.
1. Does the theme collect any data from websites that use it?2. If so, what specific data is collected (e.g., email addresses, browsing history, user IDs)?3. Are there any options for users to opt out of data collection?4. If my website has a login system, does the theme collect any additional...
Hi all, I want to buy Good Theme (HTML version) but I want to know if can be integrated to a VueJs 3 project.Regards,Alejandro.
Is the Metronic template compatible with ASP.NET Core 8.0 Blazor Web App or only with the earlier Blazor Server App?To be more specific: will it work with blazor.web.js JS Interop or only with blazor.server.js JS Interop?
Hi, I like the look and feel of Saul, but it looks like Metronic is much more flexible. Could I easily get the look of Saul using Metronic?
Hi Keen team,I would like to know what's different between Metronic and Mega Bundle before decide which one should I purchase.My website is totally Laravel (FE/BE).Thanks.
HiPlease let me know the appropriate template for a Classified Web site.Users can list and create a profile.Thanks
Hello Keen Theme, I find your theme amazing. I have a question regarding the license. If I purchase the basic license, can I use this theme to build a product like a school management system to sell it on Envato or any other marketplace? Is this allowed under the basic license? If not, what license...
Hello, your theme states Angular 16 Demos. Are they not compatible with Angular 17?
Hello, I've built my app on using the LeptonX theme.My app is - app.brandtrader.comI want to install your Angular - Compatible theme.Please advise if doable, and if all components and elements are compatible. Like you have more demos in HTML 5 - Am I able to use those components e...