Pre-sale Questions (178)

Hello,About the component "Team Schedule" on: possible to make sub itens for the tópics?Exemple:Topic: Research 60% Sub topic: Research component schedule 30% Sub topic :Research component frame 30...
Hi, is KTDatatable is included in Rider-Vue-Pro? or require to purchase separately?We tried Rider-Vue-Free but it seems that the template is a bit out of date, does pro version uses latest plugin and Vue version?
i wonder what is the current version of element-plus do u guys use? is it the latest? if not will it be update?
do you have some instruction how to integrate your pro theme to my asp .net core mvc project thanks in advance
do you provide support for grails project configuration to your keen themes
Hello, Do we have to by license code for each demo ? Kind regards,Souhail
I want to purchase metronic latest theme, I previously had purchase version 7 but I am unable to find design folder inside that to get access of figma file. Can you please confirm that where it can be found?
Hi team,Can we use metronic for single domain with multiple subdomain in regular license?Thanks,Abdul
Hello,It's not really a pre-sale question since I've just bought your templates, but I'd like to know when you plan to upgrade to react-query v4 ?(I don't know if there are lots of breaking changes with v3)Thanks :)
When I try to buy from they close my account. I am trying to pay with my e-mail address registered in my name and my credit card registered in my name. I can't get an answer when I ask why my account was closed. Can you help me
The theme (link below) mentions that the supported backend types include .NETcore 6. Does this entail that there are controllers already provided to work with the components or just a simple api documentation as a suggestion for the theme components.
Hello,Does the license for metronic cover ckeditor or do I have to buy it separately?
Hi, what is the current situation regarding next js version for metronic?
We are building food website where we are not selling theme to end user but we are getting orders from customers and delivering food to them. We are not selling this food website to anyone, we are using as service. Is regular license fine with this scenario?
I'm looking to create a Django site that has a (drawio) diagram such as a flowchart. When a user clicks on one of the symbol-boxes I want:For desktop browser: a sidebar to pop-in from the right side that would contain content relating to that box. For mobile: perhaps a pop-down...
Once i purchase Metronic, will get the updated versions for free with all the new demos currently being built?
Hello there, I was wondering if I could get the dependencies for the React version before I buy, this is the only thing that I need to check before I start using the themethanks for your collaboration in advance
Greetings,I've been deeply impressed with the Metronic theme and its comprehensive frontend UI capabilities.I understand that Metronic is primarily a frontend solution, but any guidance in this regard would greatly accelerate my development process.Question: Is there a way to see or know...
Hi,I want to create a website that has both free and subscription features. End users can use the website for free with limited features or pay for a monthly/yearly subscription plan to use it full-featured. Which license should I purchase to create this website?
Hi there, I currently have an app based on backpack for laravel with Spatie for permission manager and some basic jquery for modals and dynamic pages. It is purely a CRUD based admin environment with no real public website. I was thinking of moving this to Livewire or Vue with the latest version of...
Hi, I want to ask if its possible to separate vendor JS & CSS into individual folders ?( Not being merged into vendor.css & vendor.js )
Do I need to acquire separate licenses for each individual site within the same domain, or is a single license suitable for the entire domain, including its subdomains?asking for: to purchase a site template with a Regular or Extended license

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