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Hello guys,Maybe you want to add this plugin to Summernote components. you.
Hey,In my view file, I have 3 components that are imported. Inside each component, I have button and dropdown. The issue that I have, that only first component work and 2 others aren't working. When I remove first component, 2nd starting to work normally. In my opinion, it's maybe a issue in...
I tested the Laravel package for Metronic 8 and completed the Guide. Even though it was easy to setup the Laravel project, it would have been great to have a blank laravel setup instead of all the extra routes e.g. documentation etc., views and stuff even though the demo is available.Is there a...
Hey there. I have purchased UltraSMSScript which uses an older version of your Metronic Theme. I purchased the current version and wondered if I could talk to someone about the cost to have you install the updated theme version on our platform for us?
Hi, I'm using the "steper" component in a wizard with mandatory fields to be filled in.However, the error messages are appearing initially, without the user trying to move to the next step (when the messages should appear).Do you know how to solve this?I'm using Metronic 8.1.4 - Vue....
HiI am using the image input in angular and on clicking the edit icon the image upload functionality works and remove button is shown.But on binding the input with the image url(download url) recieved from API. The remove icon is not shown.This is in angular.
I am using METRONIC 8 DEMO 2 (SAAS application) theme. I have created a new service and added an HTTP method to call the APIs. When subscribing to the API response in component.ts inside ngOnInit, I am not getting the exact behavior like angular. Expected Behaviour: When subscribing the data i...
Hello,I am using VueJS and Metronic HTML template, I am using this widget but the cards are rendered inside a for loop.The dropdown menu is not showing :
Unable to load the chart of class 'kt_charts_widget_19_chart_1'
Hi, I just bought Metronic 8. The demo1 React app for Metronic 8 does not have all the demo functionality the HTML version has. Is this deliberate or I didn't download the right thing. PS: I bought the full global pack.
Hi, I'm trying to add new event dynamically in javascript code. I didn't be able to do it. Can you help me please?It should be nice to initialize the calendar in the html page instead of js file like in the downloaded theme. Thank you in advance
Hello I bouhgt the Blazor theme from i only got the dashboard page i didnt get all the other pages i paid for ? can you please help me
Hello,There is a problem with the KTDatatable loading screen.It is light in dark theme and dark in light theme.Changing the order of the colors breaks the whole theme.What is your recommendation for this?Thank you.
How i can use the accordion component in angular version need to make component like that+ Requirements List - item #1 - item #2 - item #3 - item #4and this menu is collapsible
Hi Mate,I am facing issue using metronic 8.1 . it conflicting with existing jQuery v1.12.4 in mvc.its showing lots error. _initializeBackDrop is one.
Hello,how can I toggle the menu so clicking on the toggle button it collapse then the full space is gained?ThanksPaolo
Hi,I'm using Metronic 8.1.4 and I noticed a bug regarding select2 (inside a form).When I reset the form (by clicking on input type="reset") the form itself reverts back to its default values but select2 keep showing previuous values (seems more a visual inconsistency).You can reproduce yours...
Hello , Im trying to upgrade to the last release of the Metronic angular version. But im having issues with the layout all my previous modules are not taking 100% of the browser width . I have tried to create a fresh module and put the content of your "Profile -Overview " but it does the same...
I'm using the metronic 8, but the build speed is too slow. It takes about four or five minutes I wonder if there is a way to improve it. For example, I want to know if I can use vite instead of webpack-rtl or other packages.
Hello, the content of this page of bootstrap5: Browsers and devices the content all compliant with metronic 8?Thank you
I'm needing the JS and CSS files for Angular version in demo 18. Are there possibilities? Thanks