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When click input search of select2 inside quick search, form search hide
When use keenicon, icon is not showing, how to use keenicon
Hello, I really liked what I saw from the demo, I need the html to create my site, when you buy it you have and download the templates, these are traditional html with css and js.thank you
Hello,i need to validate the email adress in Regristration Stepper live from my database to check, if the user already has an account. Can i submit the form and check via Ajax and if the response is false i directly jump to Step 2 to change the email adress?Im coding in HTML, Javascript and PH...
Hi.I'm using Metronic 7 HTML and I want to programatically close left-aside-menu when on mobile device. So far I was able to get menu object like this:let menuElement = document.querySelector("#kt_aside_menu");let menu = KTMenu.getInstance(menuElement);But I can't see any...
Hi, I've purchased the Metronic 8 template but I am unable to remove unnecessary plugins, js, and css files from my project which is causing a very slow page load speed. Please anyone help me to remove unnecessary plugins because Metronic comes with a lot of plugins and other things which I don't ne...
I am working with metronic and I am fairly new to Angular. What would be the best approach for modifying the opacity of the background-image? There are a lot of scss files in this project and I want to make sure I do this right. Thank you!
I saw Keenicons icons and they are gorjeous.I noticed that Keenicons need internal span for each path that the original SVG have.Is this intencional?This will make usage hard.It easier (even in a developer sense) to have all icon content in a single `content: \eeb6` So we dont ha...
Hello, The angular template in below link is only view. There is no actions like create which is available in HTML template. Please advice how can I use HTML template functionalities like create in Angular applications.https://preview.themeforest.net/item/metronic-responsive-admin-dashboar...
HelloI see that the REACT version of DEMO1 is missing many pages from the HTML DEMO1 version.Example I need the CORPORATE login HTML page (as an exmple) in my REACT app.Do you offer a full duplicate in REACT of the HTML DEMO1 ?I thought that it was exactly that but it is not
When setting the stepper up like in the documentation it says Uncaught TypeError: stepper.on is not a functionUsing the latest version of the component
The html of demo2 is different from the style of the top menu of the vue version, can you fix it?
I have downloaded demo7 HTML, version 8.1.8I could not find rtl CSS files for the theme. They are not available although they are available on version 8.1.7Anyone can helpThank you
Hi there, I like you product "Metronic | Bootstrap HTML, VueJS, React, Angular, Asp.Net, Django & Laravel Admin Dashboard Theme"One question I want to ask is that, if purchased, would I have access to all versions like React, Laravel, Vue and others or I will have to pick one?Thanks
I have been trying to use Collapse Icon for accordian tab, using the steps in this link: https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/base/accordion#collapse-iconbut i'm not sure which css and js files to include in my page first, could you please adivse?
Hello , I am using select2 dropdown search in react , but its css i think is not implementing as i am adding ;form-select' class with select but despite of it select2 dropdown layout is very common and unprofessional in metronic template react .As i want to apply dropdown search like it is in html...
i use metronic_v8.1.6 and i want to know how to validate each step before going to the next step
Hi,I'm using Metronic 8.1.7 with ASP.NET MVC application. I'm trying to implement Multi Sign-in like in demo1\dist\authentication\extended\multi-steps-sign-up.html but I can't get quite the same appearance as in sample.What css and js files must be included beside mandatory global files and As...
Hello,I am using Metronic 8 html version. I couldn't found this sample in Metronic 8 but do you have other example of image overlay rather than this metronic 7 demo 2. https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic/demo2/custom/apps/ecommerce/dashboard.htmlThank you
Hi There,I want to open a tab by the tab name like this https://preview.keenthemes.com/html/metronic/docs/base/tabs#kt_tab_pane_6when I browse the above URL it will load the default tab not the tab id in the URLthanks
Hello, The theme style of our online documentation is very nice, can this be downloaded? Are these documents generated by tools, like gitbook or other tools?Thanks!

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