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RequirementPHP 8.1.9+Composer 2.4.1+Node 16.16.0+Create a new Laravel 9 projectIn the beginnin...
HelloI see with the 8.1 release there is now a starter kit for Blazor Server.I was wondering when Blazor WASM will be fully supported in the same way?The vast majority of projects built with blazor now use Blazor Web Assembly as it is far superior to Blazor Server.ThanksWandie87
I am trying to show modal on button click but there is no working modal in demo1 application. When I opened it to edit the codes, I saw that the files like invite-users-modal.component.html were empty. Isthere any working modal example for angular?Thanks in advance.
Paid ProjectNeed a fully functional grocery web app made on MERN / Flutter / react can be easily integrated to woocommerce and firebase OTP authticationUI must be similar to the link given below 👇
Hi,I want to make a live theme switch in my app.How can I compile both dark and light themes into 1 css file?I'm using vuejs.Thanks.
Dear community,KeenThemes is adding the brand new set of 500 icons in 3 styles: Duotone, Solid & Outline. This icon set is based on our previous experience with Duotune icon set.We would love to customize the set to your needs.
hi, I added the template files in my rails project and when I try to precompile I get this error: rake aborted!SassC::SyntaxError: Error: Custom property values ​​may not be empty. on line 62279:70906 of stdin>> size:1.075rem;--bs-navbar-toggler-icon-bg:url("data:image/svg+xml,%3csv...
Hi. I have fresh installed Metronic Laravel. I tried to edit the avatar. The link is saved to the db, but the avatar not shown neither in the profile page or the navbar.
Hi keenthemes,It would be great to have the ability to download Metronic here rather than themeforest or github.since the zip is getting so big and can't downloads without cutting ... (finally download it after 5 attempts to download)thank you
Hello,I've downloaded Demo 30,When I click on something on the any page (Except the menu), nothing works (Buttons, Forms...),Can you please check the problem and let me know if there's a solution?Thank you.
npm ERR! While resolving: demo8@8.1.5npm ERR! Found: @popperjs/core@2.11.5npm ERR! node_modules/@popperjs/corenpm ERR! @popperjs/core@"2.11.5" from the root projectnpm ERR!npm ERR! Could not resolve dependency:npm ERR! peer @popperjs/core@"^2.11.6" from bootstrap@5.2.2npm ERR! node_mod...
data-kt-menu-trigger="{default: 'click', lg: 'hover'}" not working on iphonelink below is a sample videoLink
Good eveningI've seen a number of posts around integrating Metronic V8 with Blazor WASM.I have this working with Blazor WASM .NET 6.I am able to provide advice should anyone still be struggling, potentially, if there is enough appetite I could create a tutorial or a demo project to share...
Hi,Thought you should know that the top right icons are not horizontally aligned in the latest update to the Good admin dashboard.Cheers
Hi,I am not sure about the exact reason, but when dinamically routing to the page or rendering the component when user data is fetched for HeaderUserMenu, the menu is not opening on click. I have to make a full page reload in order for it to work. How can one ensure the menu is working even if t...
I am using Metronic Template 7. All svg icons turned black. I see that the svg icons have turned black in your demo area as well. How we can solve this problem?
Dear support,i installed blazor version successfully but can't devel @OnChange not working on this form componenet:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/documentation/forms/select2.htmlis there any sample or guide for it?Regards
have metronic 7 code,update this how to integrate KTDatatable in metronic 8?KTDatatable amazing!!!