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Hello team,I'd like to build a React app using the Demo31 HTML template, but I notice that only Demo1 is provided as React project.Questions:1. Is there any plan to vend Demo31 as React project?2. If so, is there an expected date and price?3. If not, how do you suggest to move Demo31 f...
Hey, I want to integrate my react app with metronic. How to start that. I have a sample metronic project along with me. Guide me with the steps
hi sir,I have purchased Merronic7, I want to show fixed top div on mobile i used below code these but theme default navbar show and then show custom div,please how to fix. if ($(window).width()
Is it possible to have this template in .Jsx format and not in .Tsx format? Thanks
I purchased your Medtronic theme but I am not able to see react js code inside it
Could you add some example public pages, like terms, contact or landing page to your examples?
React Docs SPECIFICALLY state not to read from a "useRef" during renderinghttps://react.dev/reference/react/useRef#useref1) You can mutate the ref.current property. Unlike state, it is mutable. However, if it holds an object that is used for rendering (for example, a piece of your sta...
The use of Keenicons has been a significant enough burden that I'm here to ask how does Metronic suggest we regress them completely from the codebase. We want them completely nonexistent and removed.You might ask why. 1. They are much too playful, too immature, and doesn't instill profession...
Hello everyone,can someone help me with this one, I need to implement datepicker https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic/demo1/crud/forms/widgets/bootstrap-datepicker.html for react app.
I want to convert react project from typescript to javascript. How can I do that? Is there any script or something to do that...
Hi,I purchased the theme and tried to download and run react app. But I can see it is different from the theme shown in preview. Please help me with the correct one.Theme I am referring is - https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo2/index.html?mode=light&_ga=2.261511365.97522599.1684703...
Hello, there are amazing html pre built pages that are not available in react. How hard is for me to be able to use some of those pages as foundation for my development in react?
Hi, we purchased the Metronic theme from keenthemes.com, and we are facing some issues with pagination. In our React application, we retrieve pagination data from an API call. However, the theme does not provide a way to customize the pagination length in the UI.For example, let's say we have 10...
This is not a question but a bug report (I don't know where to submit a ticket). The header in React demo 1 is not responsive (profil dropdown icon should be at right corner)
Hi, can I set my selected menu background sidebar to the active background even on a child/sub-menu is selected?Thanks
Hi Sir/Ma'm,I want to purchase a dashboard theme. But didn't know what is in the package. I required a dashboard with HTML, React, and Blazor. So can guide me if i purchase, they are included in the demos or i have to buy each one of them seperatly.waiting for your reply.Thanks
The auth set in place makes it so you cannot see anything under the auth. We've worked through your Laravel API but thats also incomplete and there is zero documentation around that whatsoever. We just want to be able to see the underlying react demo without the Auth putting a brick wall between us.
https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/account/billing.htmlThe ZIP files do not contain the react version to this. Just wanted to see if you had this available or if I am missing something?
It's stuck when i execute the command "gulp watch".```$ gulp watchUsing gulp config file: "../../gulp.config.js"[11:26:14] Using gulpfile D:\Venus\metronic_html_v8.1.8_demo39\tools\gulpfile.js[11:26:14] Starting 'watch'...```
I recently purchased the Metronic theme in Themeforest.Now we need to implement the File Manager feature but we cannot find it in the code. Please help
Hi, can you help me how to download react version?I cant download any version from your server.
hiwhen download demos reacthttps://devs.keenthemes.com/metronic/react/demo1/downloaderror 500 serverwhy ?

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