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I bought your Metronic Theme for another account. Now, I'm having trouble with the side navigation. Even though I followed your documentation, I am facing an error when creating a new dropdown menu. In that submenu page. The error message I'm getting is http://localhost:3011/admin/error/404. C...
hii,i am using react metronic demo1 theme, and i want to know which types of authetication functionlity you're using in react metronic thme, i want to implement access and refresh token functionlity but there is conflict in code, please help me to solve the problem, is i can edit the metronic au...
I am trying to migrate the metronic8 react theme to next js, but the layout gave me alot of problems , do you have a guide? or should I stop trying?
the border: 1px solid var(--bs-gray-300) ; , box-shadow: none; this line are over writtenthat is cauzing the boder to dispaly nont Old code .react-select-styled .react-select { &__control { --bs-form-select-bg-img: url("data:image/svg+xml,%3csvg xmlns='
hi, can i use html theme files inside react themes, if yes then please provide me procesure to add files inside react metronic themes, please explain in detailes with examples.
i want to create a new component and whant to create a css file and want to import it, please suggest me where and how to import css files, and what is best way to import css, and if i want to use .scss files then how can i import it please explain in details with exampels. thank you.
Do you have a version of React written in js?
Kindly Check your Documentation there is issue on React Select Component. The thing whatever is typing is not visible to the user. it might be the width issues on that kindly check once
I'm using Metronic with React typescript. I wanted to know how can I add pagination to table?
I want to change font family to Cairo i try change $font-family-sans-serif in "_variables.scss"$font-family-sans-serif: "Cairo", Helvetica, "sans-serif" !default;and add this link to index.html
I am new to react, and am having some issues getting this project started.I followed the quick start guide, only to run into a few issues. First it looks like I have a typescript dependency conflict. I tried to work around it by downgrading typescript with this command: npm install typescrip...
hello i created a timeline component and another file inside assets name _timeline.scss but when i run the code timeline component not showing any styles, so what i have to do.
How can i make the sidebar permanently collapsed and get the submenus in hover over the side bar menus in metronic 8.2.2v "react". please help i am design a dashboard for my customer.
Hi guys,Could you please advise what is the best way of working with metronic template? Should I start a new react project from scratch and link metronic assets into it? Or should I better do in-place modifications in the template itself? Thanks.Best regards,Illia
i just purchased a metronic theme and i am using react theme for my project, and when i run the react then on bottom left side i show a react query icon i want to change it how i can change it.
Does Metronic have a datepicker inline?I mean not in input. Datepicker which I can add on the page as a calendar grid. Metronic 8 demo1
Looking for Color Picker Input is that available in react components
Description: Upon loading the Metronic 8 React Admin Panel template, I encounter a glitch where the sidebar and the entire page seem to "build" as if they're loading. Specifically, I observe the sidebar moving up from the bottom and the header moving into the top position. Additionally, there is a l...
Hello,For several hours I have been trying unsuccessfully to implement Metronic on Firebase hosting. Has anyone managed to do this? Is this even possible? Locally, all Metronic works without a problem, and after uploading to Firebase hosting I have a blank screen -
We have purchased and using react js metronics theme.Want to implement chat message functionality.I have found some default message helper file to show messages and send messages.How to implement it with a backend api server to receive and send messages with chat like application.Is it any socket im...
am failing to deploy the react application after the deployment nothing shows when I build and test the dist folder as well nothing shows locallyPlease help me
Admin template support both Left to Right and Right to Left layout for English and Arabic languages
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