Hi, I saw that you are using "Redux - State Container" in your documentation. please check this link -- https://keenthemes.com/metronicBut I am not able to see any code related to Redux. your theme is using "context API" instead of Redux. Please let me know how i can use Redux in your theme.Than...
Hi,I would like to dismiss a drawer component on keypress. What is the function to be called to dismiss a metronic drawer from code?Thanks in advance!Tamas
When I click a link on the nav item's dropdown menu, the menu stays open as the page navigates (since the header stays the same and only the content is changed via React and React Router). Is it possible to close the menu after link click?
How do I remove/bypass the login and auth page and go directly to the homepage?
I am trying to install different npm packages and I am getting so many dependency errors though I am using the latest 8.1.5v of react and my node and npm versions also being the stable versions.I tried installing react-awesome-query-builder package and then I tried installing axios-cache-intercept...
I am looking to use Metronic for a project of mine. I wanted to demo the message composer. I was going to use it to generate content on a dashboard. However when trying the demo it the page can not be found. Can any one from the team show me a link to a working demo of the message composer.
Why is there no date range picker component in react similar to the one in HTML ? Now if I have to use any other date range picker then I am not able because the npm package itself is not being installed. Help me out here please !
Hi there, I need to sort a table. How can make draggables rows, in order to customize the sort.Hi there, I need your help to sort a table. How can make draggables rows, in order to customize the sort.? We use React and typescript. And implement component.We bought this: https:/...
Why absolute import is not available in Metronic v8 in React projects ?
I have purchase Metronic and tried to work with React versions. Its working properly in localhost but once deployed to hostinger, its not showing any pages. Only showing the splash screen with loading message. Tried to redirect to other urls, but still its loading. No other pages are getting rendere...
HalooI'm currently upgrading my Tech Stack to a React version. But how to use data table in React version?Thanks!!
Hi , I can't login to templateReceived error: The login detail is incorrectI used the default username & password:username: admin@demo.com / pass: demo
Hello.We are using React Metronic Theme in our application.We are struggling with sidebar mobile toggle not working.It doesn't work the first time we load it, but it works when we reload this page.Please let me know solution of this problem kindly.Thanks in advance.Regards.
Hi,I purchased metronic 8 react and when I deploy a production build it's stuck in the splash screen and does not move forward, there are not errors in the console.Can Someone help me please.Thanks.
Hi ther,Do you have any documentation on how to setup the react demo with flask backend?
How do I disable dark mode and keep the site on light mode permanently? I can remove the switcher button but I can't find where to permanently replace the dark or system theme to light only.
Hi Friends,What is the best way to use the "SearchComponent" with async data? (Basically, I'm trying to call an endpoint as users type the search key and populate the data.)Cheers,P
How can I find which version of the template I am using? And for the old version then npm, node.js etc. will I have trouble?
Hi Team,The Metronic template is amazing, do you have any full working implementation of this template in React or any other language ? By full implementation, I mean all features are working as shown in demo UI.Thanks in advance.Sam