Hi, I need to know what react theme of metronic have a "Team schedule" like the demo 8, with the same design/css format.
Hi there,I am trying to implement a Date picker for react, because I don't seem to find it in the docs. I have added the Flatpicker react version that is used in the HTML theme from here: https://github.com/haoxins/react-flatpickrCan you please guide me how to add the same styling that is al...
I need to use CAROUSEL in the home, it includes the SCSS of the same but it is generating an error with the variable "height";Include SCSS _variable.scss but still error;Please I need guidance;Thanks
Hi,When will the react version be updated? Since the HTML one has been. I was wondering when the react one will be?
In documentation there's empty page where swagger documention should behttps://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/react/docs/docs/backend
DEMO2How to disable LOGIN request.Is there any variable that I can signal to not go to the login screen and access the main screen?Thanks
Hello,Since the latest update (8.1.2) the fonts, header and background is looking strange on demo2. It is the same on the preview site: https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/react/demo2I would also like to use const {mode} = useThemeMode() hook on the AuthLayout to change the background b...
Hi team , Metronic build is not working when I am trying to serve is from my local .it is showing a blank screen and Metronic logo Loading ...used following command as per instruction : serve -s build -l 5000
Hello, I was looking through the react documentation of Metronic8 but i could not see the FullCalander implementent in React version of Metronic8.How can i find it?Thank you
How can I easily show my data with ktdatatable in Metronic 8. I wanted to examine the Metronic 8 template and inject it into my own project, but it didn't work out because the functions, components, etc. are all located in separate folders and not in a generic structure, please can you help?
When will the implementation of rtl? And I need documentation on how to implement it myself.
Hello,We are using RTK Query for managing all data fetching logic and it serves us well. The Users management app in the theme example is using React Query for crud operations, but it would be great to have an example with RTK Query as well for CRUD.Do you have plans for this in the near fut...
Hey there,I've seen a cool graph in the HTML version that I would like to implement on my project.The small donut with the "69,700" price title:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/index.htmlIs there any way I can use the current libraries to achieve this donut look?(with real...
Where do you have an example to be able to follow in the demonstrations?
Some demos are previewable, like this one, React demo 18:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo18/utilities/search/horizontal.htmlHowever, the downloads page lists React demo 18 as "coming soon". How can I download this demo?Thanks
We purchased Metronic(version 8.1.1.) a few weeks ago. We realized that the React version of software does not have all the features shown in the HTML version. Vis-Timeline, Select2, Quick Search, Scroll, Drawer, sweet Alert etc.Kindly share the updated version for React with all the features sh...
Hello, this is react JS developer, when run project on local server or live server then don't open left sidebar dropdowns with out refreshing (reload) project
Greetings! I see that you sell your development for 49$ with no variations. So, I would like to ask you to specify some things.Does this offer include all the Metronic 7, Metronic 8 versions? Only version 7 is suitable for us. Can we choose it during set-up process? Or, if not, can we buy this ver...
On the user management page there is an advanced filter, but it runs directly to the backend, wouldn't there be a way for it to work this filter on the data already consulted by the front at the component's initialization?
As per the title, if you are not an infrastructure specialist and you don't want to spend hours on installing, reinstalling, debugging the core setup, is there a way to get an out of the box version which is fully installed and working from the start?
How can I find and modify eslintrc.js and related files for my project? They are hidden or defaulted, so I need to create my own in order to rewrite default rules? In my project I can only see eslintConfig inside package.json