Hi community, does anyone can say if the Metronic 8 using React provide table pagination support?The documentation does not have many of the resources that HTML has, like table pagination.Thanks a lot!
I saw this question was asked and the it throws a 404 when you go to it.Could you repost the answer to deploying Metronic to Amplify ( react version )...greatly appreciated!
Hi! I have a question in regards to a template I purchased from you, I deployed the template but it keeps giving me this error: "you need to enable javascript to run this app", how canI fix it?Project link: https://slice-react.vercel.app/
The documentation for HTML Metronic 8 shows a Stepper for forms, but I can't seem to use that Stepper in the React version. I assume there is a component for the Stepper in the React version, but I cannot see that in the documentation. How do I use the HTML Stepper or a Stepper component in the Reac...
I’m using the Metronic 8 Demo4 React version.I have a button called 'New' which upon clicking opens up a dropdown. The jsx code for dropdown is coming from a component called 'PopupDropdown'. Now I have another button to toggle to dark mode in the Navbar. The problem is arising when I'm clicking...
where do I start?I want a website like Upwork in submission of ProposalBut in the field of construction, decoration and furnitureAnd also trade exchange between storesDesign and develop website close to:https://keenthemes.com/hireusin both Languages English / ArabicIt contains th...
How to use light sidebar in react js project?
HiDo you have a working example of the DropzoneJS for React?In the demo1 code I don't see itsomething like this:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic/demo1/crud/file-upload/dropzonejs.htmlbut for ReactJSthank you!
I find your theme is satisfying all our design requirements. About our application we want to develop an react web application as a SaaS product. As a developer my requirements are that the theme should contain basic implementation of redux and react routing built in. Is that present in it?
why aren't preparations on github use the same row on actual file? likes, if I comment 27-83 row on my PrivateRoutes.tsx, it will comment the } after as well.other preparations are also confusing likes removing dashboard folder before clearing DashboardWrapper.tsx.is there any...
Hi there,I just purchased the license. I want to use React at the front end and Django at the backend. Seems you have demos for both the framework. Which one shall I download?Mayank
I configured the home page using Metronic.I created a build folder through yarn build and registered it on my hosting server.But only the splash-page is visible and the root div is not read.I wonder if I have to expand to see my main index on the hosting server.need helpOnly sp...
Hi There,I am working on a new SaaS portal, where I plan to use React/Django/PostgreSQL as the tech stack. I am new to web development. Can you please suggest the best way to set up the Metronic template with such a setup? I liked the Metronic Original in the dark theme, but it has both Django a...
HiYour template is fantasticI need disable the initial loginCan you help me please?Thanks
Hi,How to create public page which allow the unauthenticated user (like about us, contact us or landing page) ?ThanksPS. Using React in 8.1.6 Metronic version
Hello,I contact you because I really love this theme https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo21/apps/projects/project.html but I am looking for it in React. Do you know if there is a way to get it in React please? It will be just awesome !!!Thank you in advance
Is there an easy way to implement few components in my currently react app instead of start of a new development kit with your template ?
I see that the HTML5 version is very complete, my question is if the ReactJS and Angular versions are the same as HTML5?
How to custom font family in metronic 8 react ?
Hello, are you planning to release metronic 8 template with laravel?
Hi, I've read a few comments suggesting that a NextJS version may become available this year. Is this timeframe still likely? Thanks in advance.