how to download other react demos ?
Hello devs Team!I've dowloaded Metronic template and I want to get POS Template for Reactjs or Nextjs if available, where i can found it?Thank u!
Hello,We are using the react theme and we would like to minimize the requests to the server for the svg assets. Is there a recommended or inbuilt method by metronic on how to load all the svg's in one request, or perhaps any other method to minimize the request volume?Thanks!Tamas
Hello,I'm using the React version of Metronic Theme (Demo 8) and I couldn't change the base API URL.I added an .env file and added the 'REACT_APP_THEME_API_URL' variable in to it, but the requests are still sent to 'http://localhost:3000/undefined/'.I'm not sure why it's happening and how...
Hi there,I would like to test a simple KT Menu component in react. It seems that the button click event does not apply the "show" class to the menu element in the test as expected. Can you please point me in the right direction on how to test KT Menu components?Thanks!
the documentation at to my knowledge has no security and only a user route.I am looking for recommendations on how to integrate an authentication API changing the REACT_APP_API_URL in .env but with the features:- JWT- /register check...
Hi there,I would like to avoid the jumping of images when the app is loaded for the first time.Is there a way to have the "Loading" page shown to the user until all images are loaded and show the entire app when everything is ready? I am using React demo2. Thanks for your help!Tamas
Hello TeamI am using metronic theme for react project. I would like to start with login feature. Could you please share the document that help with implementing login feature in React.RegardsAnju
Hi all, I am using Metronic react project . The project is working fine in the local development environment .But while i try to build (npm run build) and serve (serve -s build) the project , it is not working . I tried changing the homepage path in package.json to "/my/app" too . still its not w...
Hi, I need to re create modal for "Search Users" shown in html for react template however I don't know the efficient way to do it.For reference:
When will you launch react new version and what do you add more features in it.....!
I am using React Select and when we tap on an item from dropdown it also closes bootstrap menu.
I just installed Metronic React Theme and got some errors - 6 high severity vulnerabilities. I deleted node_modules, package-lock.json and webpack and did npm install but the warnings still remain. I hope somone could help to solve these problems.
Hi Dear ..I just want to know if this theme is based in react functional components or class based components and is it available in jsx or tsx? I want to buy it
Hi,I'm trying to sort a column by date in the users app.The data model that is used in Metronic looks like this:_models.tsimport {ID, Response} from '../../../../../../_metronic/helpers'export type User = { id?: ID name?: string avatar?: string email?: string...
Redux setup and store is not found in Reactjs Demo1 folder.please update it asap as you show it in themeforest metronic page.Regarfs.Shahbaz Mughal
Hi,We are looking for a driven, self-motivated jun/mid React/NextJS/Vue software engineer to participate in the development of top-notch products and solutions.Responsibilities: - Product development & maintenance - Technical support and problem solving - Research and learn new techn...
I can't find the roadmap or the route logic in the react documentation, which makes it very difficult for the development to modify.
i just purchased the template and found out there is no jsx for all demo version only tsx. Is there any template/demo version in jsx format?If no then how do i use it in jsx?
Hi Team,There are some pages in HTML demos that don't exist in react demos so I want to know if there is a way I can reuse code from HTML demos codebase in reactjsThanks in advance.Ebrahim
Select 2 is totally raw and isn't working as expected and shown in demo 3, no styling and searches.
Hello,I would like to implement a minimizeable sidebar on react demo2, like it is on demo1 with a toggle button. Can you please point in the right direction to do this?Thanks!Tamas