I just have User and Chat but nothing else shown in the demos like Customers
Please i saw that demo 6 has a POS app, but when i downloaded, i did not see that module in my files, and am very hurt by that. Is there something you can do about it, thank you.
In mobile view the logo is broken.Also, I'm wondering about the ETA of this: https://devs.keenthemes.com/question/bug-in-create-modal-continuesubmit-navigation-buttonThanks.
How to setup hot reload in webpack in metronic 7 and react template? what is the config and command to run in a terminal?https://keenthemes.com/metronic7/?page=docs&section=react-quick-start
Hello!Can i integrate landing page in react using react resources?is it necessary to use the landing page separately from react?
Hello,Would you have the code available for downloading for the user management API that is used in the Metronic React template? If so, where could I find it?Thanks,Hannes
Hello there,Why did you give up the redux build? I'm asking technically.What would you recommend instead of this build?
Is there pre-made component for Draggable in Metronic React? I searched in demo1 of react metronic but i am not able to find anything related to this. or I have to include it manually.
Hi Team, I have purchased the item below on 22-oct-2022, this item does not meet my expectations.Metronic | Bootstrap HTML, VueJS, React, Angular, Asp.Net, Django & Laravel Admin Dashboard ThemeRegular LicenseLicense Support Expiry Date: Saturday, April 22, 2023After purchase i...
Hi, I have a React project and use your HTML themes. When I add JS files, they run but there are two console error. Because of these errors, theme modules are not working correctly. How can I fix it? I don't want to directly your React projects. Thank you.index.html
I'm using Metronic 8 React Version. I want to change the primary color of the application. Tried doing it by overiding and setting the ($primary) variable in '_variables.custom.scss' file. Presently, its a purple shade (#7239ea), would like to change it to blue (#304294). The color is not changing....
Hello,I am a french beginner developer and I have purchase a metronic license.For a project, I really need to use vite js, react js and metronic 8.I am aware that you have not integrated react with metronic 8, but now I am really lost and inexperienced...I have been trying for 1 week n...
HiDo you have a working example of the NouiSlider for React?In the demo1 code I don't see it something like this:https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic/demo1/crud/forms/widgets/nouislider.htmlbut for ReactJSthank you!
Hi I Purchased the Metronic 8 react package and before I went to checkout I double checked and I saw that this dashboard is compatible with AWS.Now I run this dashboard local host with no problems according to your instructions, but I can’t find any documentation about how to run this dashboard on...
Hi, i am using the react versionI have serval tables but when i switch from table 1 to table 2, the previous response data did not clear. so it show errors. how can i solve it ?
Is there a context for react in the metronic 8 version? Typescript support appears in the metronic 8 react version. Is there javascript support?
Repro:1. Log in2. Click on Profile avatar3. Click on My Profile4. Click on Account in the left menu and then click Overview5. Click on Profile avatar6. Click on My Profile7. Notice how the left menu item Pages breaks - nothing happens when I click on it. Also notice that Pages -> Pro...
hii am unable to get select2 multi-select dropdowns for reacti dont see the docs link eitherhttps://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/react/docs/select2i have checked the demo1 code and seeing the Dropdown1.tsx exampletried with 2 options:
can anyone guide me how i close side drawer on navigation select because its not working when i click on navigations. i have also attached screenshot. thanks
Paid ProjectNeed a fully functional grocery web app made on MERN / Flutter / react can be easily integrated to woocommerce and firebase OTP authticationUI must be similar to the link given below 👇
i need help to integrate myself API to login page in metronics 7
Hi Bought it for React Application.But DEMO 10 is not available in REACT.What do i do? Did I buy it for nothing?