Hi @keenthemes Team.You sad update will be 2022.08.11 (Today). https://devs.keenthemes.com/question/angular-layoutToday will be update ?
Hello I love your theme and will be making purchase of Metronic 8 in next day or two. Few questions I need clarification on before purchase.1. Does demo1 has datatable component in angular which I am not seeing HTML demo1 version?2. With $49 purchase, I will be getting all 22 Metronic demos...
Greetings! I see that you sell your development for 49$ with no variations. So, I would like to ask you to specify some things.Does this offer include all the Metronic 7, Metronic 8 versions? Only version 7 is suitable for us. Can we choose it during set-up process? Or, if not, can we buy this ver...
Hello,I need to use the tempus dominus plugin to show a datetimepicker in a metronic 8.1.1 applicationWhat I got isAs you ca...
Hello,I need to use the tempus dominus plugin to show a datetimepicker in a metronic 8.1.1 applicationWhat I got is
What's the difference between the seven demos? I've run them all, but can't really tell the difference except for various layout changes.Do you have a description of each demo and what is being demonstrated?Thanks!
Hello We just downloaded the Metronic 8 - demo 1 and demo 3, and when running on angular, they do not contain the pages with samples for Modals - Popups... are the Version 8 demos more limited ? thanks
As per the title, if you are not an infrastructure specialist and you don't want to spend hours on installing, reinstalling, debugging the core setup, is there a way to get an out of the box version which is fully installed and working from the start?
Hi, The Demo1 for Angular only comes shipped with Chat app. Where can I get the source for the other apps like e-commerce, file manager, etc. I downloaded the metronic_v8.1.1 from themeforest.
Hi, I have a problem with all demos using angular. If you go to an error page and go back using browser history (back button). It happens:- dropdown menus are not working anymore (e.g search, user info, etc)https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/angular/demo2/dashboardgo tocrafted...
HelloWe want to buy a version of Metronic from you to use in our panel. But we need the version 7.1.6 of the Metronic template. Can you sell an older version to us? How can we purchase this item?
I'm using the datatables component, I removed the jquery css file from angular.json because I want to use the style presented in the preview, but it's not working. It has no css at all. Am I missing something?
Hello, Angular - Demo 1I am working on the wizard and was trying to use formGroup with Validations. Trying to use markAllasTouched or any control or form methods inside change event of the wizard which is not working fine. Can you guys please help me out in this? am I doing something w...
We often get error when run npm install, maybe issue happend because any required library in this template, can you prepare starter blank template for angular.
hello, which browser and mobile does support metronic 7 template ? i didn't find in your legal site. Please can you write name of which browser ?
Hi @keenthemes. 14 Jul. you writes, redesign Lay-out will be in 1-2 weeks. But it’s not happened. When this update is come ? ( It’s important for me)Best regards
I am trying to use demo1 from metronic. I bought the base for it. I download and unzipped everything. I have used gulp as they said on their directions but I cant figure out why I cant open even the demo app let alone how to integrate the code into my current application please help
Hello,I want to implement the sort functionality in angular 13 (KeenTheme). Please click on the below link to get an idea of what I want to do. https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/apps/user-management/users/list.htmlI want the same functionality but in Angular 13. Please advise.
After downloading the new metronic update, i get this error:./node_modules/@fullcalendar/common/main.css:4:0 - Error: Module parse failed: Unexpected token (4:0)You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type, currently no loaders are configured to process this file. See https://we...
Hello- The Demo1 seems to conflict with Angular "scrollPositionRestoration" option. How can I stop default "scroll to top" behaviour on select pages?- I downloaded for 8.1.1, however in the pack it is 8.1.0.ThanksCem
I notice that you don't have demo8 in angular version (coming soon).When will be available?