When we create a new module in angular version, the content page looks like smaller than if we use other pre build modules, can you help me finding an solution for this?Pre-build:Module created:
Dear Support Team,I'm struggling to make the menus work when I press the button. We have aspnetzero 11.3 with Angular and Metronic 8.I got to the point that menus work when the page is initially loaded however if I have a button with a menu attached on the cards which dynamically load (lazy...
Hello Guys,I am trying to setup metronic in a nx monorepo enviorment, if you have any plans for nx based release or can provide some insights for succesful implementation it would be a great help to me.here are my issues:putting sidebar, topbar etc in a shared lib is causing erro...
I purchased this theme https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/I am using your angular version of demo 4but I didn't get all the pages that I saw in demo4. So I use the same HTML+CSS structure and inject it into my Angular code and it worked to look the same as in the HTML version but the JS fu...
Hi, I bought metronic 8 and I tried download Demo 6 for angular. But the demo dowloaded always is demo1. Then downloaded all demos for angular and I can't find it. How to get demo 6 (POS) for angular?Thanks
I purchased this theme https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/account/referrals.htmlbut I didn't get all the pages that I saw in demo. So i will get all the pages that i saw in demo screens?Thanks
Hello,I read your documentation about RTL version of angular demo1 but it seems i can't make a switch from rtl to ltr at run time depending on language (Arabic language) is there any solution or work around to make this happened ?
when i add two card of Card Widget 17 it makes the two circle in same first card
I would like to create a CRM WebApp using Demo 14 and my organisation would like to use Angular as the Web framework of choice. Will we run into any problems using the Demo 14 Html template?
When can we get a pagable list component and a simple modal component. That's all that really needed to really start working with this template and build out the solution. Please advise. And what would be the best method to convert some of the other apps you have in html to angular? I noticed ie for...
Hi, are you planning on adding landing page in Angular any time soon?
8.1.1 had an option in the layout builder to stretch the component width full screen instead of fixed width. How can I accomplish the same with 8.1.2?
Hi thereI don't see the tslint file in the Angular downloaded version (latest, demo3). Could you give me that file to start linting the code for my project with your template?Thank you.
I Have Followed The RTL Version Documentation but still have problems in the webpack-rtl.config,js Like : Failed to load, Error [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM]: Must use import to load ES Module, require() of ES modules is not supported. Please I need t to change the template to the RTL version as soon as possib...
Hello,I just bought Metronic, do you know how can I have the E-commerce part (Customer, Order...) with Angular as with the HTML version.Thank you.
Hi,I am having issue in understanding different type of attributes like `data-kt-drawer-activate`, could you provide me documentation to understand the different type of attributes and components in angular.
Hi,This release (v8.1.2) is included redesign main layout Angular v like in HTML v ?BR
I want to make sidebars in routing in angular like below path: '', component: MollitMngComponent, children: [ { path: 'AccOvrw', component: MngAccOvrwComponent, children: [ { path: '', outlet: 'MollitSideCont',...
I purchased the template but when make run for Demo1 Project i cannot find all pages like calendar for example
Hi,Do you have the estimated timeline for releasing the CRUD table component similar to the one in Metronic 7?Besides, is it going to be based on the Jquery datatables since you have incorporated that in your HTML demo.