We are using your subscription with registered email sancheet@msn.com for angular 12 theme and we are having issue with toaster. The toaster is not working in your theme so we want a solution or any other option for that.
Is there any components which we can use to overlay full screen till all the API responds with data in return
Steps to replicate this issue1. Login to dahboard2. Go to Error 404 page / Error 500 page3. click on go to homepage back or use browser back button4. Now try to click on avatar/profile pic and observe drop down is not showing up
Hi,When can we except DataTable example in Angular Demo , and also we can see there are lot of modules missing in Angular Demo. Kindly let us when we can except these modules in Angular Demo Regards,Prem Sanil
In the angular version is missing some templates, such as the one for users management. Can i download them somewhere once you have purchased Metronic?
Can the Angular Material https://material.angular.io/ be used with Metronic?
Hello,Have any plan to give all pages in Angular -Demo 1 which have in HTML - Demo 1 ?
I copied the HTML of the apps menu from the browser but it's not working. Is there any guide related to working with menu in angular? I think I am not able to initialize the menu properly.I am using metronic themes.
Since the Metronic Angular v8 template does not yet include user creation or permissions/roles settings, we cannot migrate to it from v7. Is there anywhere we can find information on whether this is still being worked on, and if there is an expected release date?
Hey i am using angular and bought Metronic 8.I didn't found any where how to get the Navbar from the template and use it for my own project.Reverse engineering take time and i want if there is any one can help me how to implement it in my own project easily. without complications .Thank yo...
I noticed in the documents that HTML components cannot be used directly in Angular, however, the drawer is displayed in the angular demo. I've attemtped to use the drawer within a for loop (ngFor) and I'm unable to get it to function (i.e open the drawer). I'm using a object's ID for the but...
Hello I have already purchased your theme and want to add external js and Jquery in the theme but this is not working. Currently using Metronic Angular 8 version Demo1.Please advice us how can we add External Js/Jquery.Thanks
I am trying to show modal on button click but there is no working modal in demo1 application. When I opened it to edit the codes, I saw that the files like invite-users-modal.component.html were empty. Isthere any working modal example for angular?Thanks in advance.
Hi,I am trying to use sweet alert and toastr in the angular example. However, I do not understand how to toggle a toastr or a sweet alert in a component. Can anybody help me by showing and example?Thanks in advance
Hi guys, I want to buy a template, but I will use it in Angular framework, Does it prevent me from using it in Angular? On Angular, as we all know the TopeScript language, will it prevent me from using it inside?Would you recommend me to take a template to use in Angular ?I really want to buy it...
where to find metronic 8 angular docs please , many component like date upload image , file upload , and many not found ? any help and if there is int documentation any good solution please
hello please any help in how to implement KTImageInput metronic 8 into angular ?
HelloI am a developer who purchased Good Admin Template through the bootstrap website.this theme is really good!!!!!!!Our team is using Angular, and we want to use the purchased theme with Angular.How can I use this?I need a sample.Please help me.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hi, I have a button that is invoking data-kt-menu. All is working well based on example except:- calling menu button has dynamic text that is updated from subscription- button params: data-kt-menu-trigger="click" data-kt-menu-placement="bottom-start" - if Apply button ((click)="submit()" data-...
Hello,I want to purchase Metronic, in this source code may I get the angular (front end design and API Calling) + Laravel (Backend) ?
i have problem with RTL i try to use like this @import "../../../assets/sass/style.scss";.rtl{ @import "../../../assets/style.bundle.rtl.css"; direction: rtl;}and it doesn`t work correctly the RTL really doesn't work fine even i just use it like this @import "../../../as...
Hello,I have a project is running with dot net core API and on the client side angular 12. How can I apply theme to use it instead of creating demo1 from scratch