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dropdown button react

Hello, I'm a backend developer and I broke a front end branch, I bought the theme and I'm trying to put a dropdown button similar to "MegaMenu" but it doesn't work...
If I put the MegaMenu inside the MenuInnerWithSub inside the MenuInner at the top, it works! But if I put the MenuInnerWithSub with the mega menu inside a toolbar it just doesn't work.
I have a toobalr with a filter button with a dropdown that works, a create button now I want this create button to become a dropdown but I can't get it to work

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Hi Rafael,

It will not work outside, cause of its menus' inner component (nested structure of the HTML markup is mandatory).
Anyway, try to check demo1/src/app/pages/MenuTestPage.tsx page (add it into your routing and try to open it), it will help you to understand the structure of your component with MegeMenu.

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