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in ralavel demo switcher is empty without dot when turned off: ralavel demo chart is over bordes.
Hey,Do you plan to make visual alignements between Metronic HTML and Metronic Vue (Aside, top navigation, ... are not the same) If yes, when can I expected an update for vue version?
i have noticed that you just released a new update and when I try to change the CSS and js files from the new update to my existing project it does not work properly side menu being diappreadKindly help, i have the support facility in my purchase
How can I pull the new dark/light mode toggle from your latest update?1) Is there a javascript file that needs to be updated?2) What CSS file(s) need to be updated?3) What script do I need in order to actually toggle the dark/light modes?
Your demos have a eCommerce APP example so powerful, but there was not example of a real catalog page for customer's, i mean a maybe infinite product grid listings with filter section or something like this...I created one with bootstrap cols, it would be nice to have an example designed on APP...
Select 2 is not working on a dynamic modal with loaded content dynamically with external content. Below is the js code that calls the modal function showAdd() { $('#add_modal').modal('show'); $("body").addClass("modal-open"); var get_url = "{{ url...
Hello,Can you develop design for notification panel and center (when user click view all)Now notification panel only shows alerts without needed buttons such as - Set as read- Delete - Mark all as read - actions like approve or deny - From who-Settings to manage notification sy...
Hi everyone im looking to build a admin area for a website and SEO company, basically the customer will login and pick from a choice of website themes , connect there domain to that site , then they can set as many SEO options as possible , Content of the website would be controlled by us, Can anyon...
When I buy metronic template files, how can I adapt them to my own ruby ​​on rails project file directory? When I change the layout of the template's own directory will it still work and see css and js in html pages?
In the Figma file, there are only pages and demos. Is there any library with separated components as: - All icons listed- Dropdowns- Buttons and it statesThanks,
Hi,I'm trying to open the Figma file but it just opens the Figma software. Should I search Metronic8 in the Community? How can I get all the components? Thanks,
How to get the XD source files for the theme after purchasing it?I need to make sure that i can download the source of it before completing the purchasing process
Hi,Is there, by any change, a Metronic Design System file (preferably Adobe XD) available?It would be very useful to have, for UI/UX designers, to use as base designs, together with the HTML/Vue/Angular/etc for frontend developers.Thanks.
How do I change or access the files to be used in Abobe XD/ Figma?
Hi,Thought you should know that the top right icons are not horizontally aligned in the latest update to the Good admin dashboard.Cheers
Hi,I have install demo1 for Laravel. Now I want to add new feature to admin panel. What is the best way for this. Is there any CRUD generator or I need to add Model, Controller, Menu, View manually? Is there any tutorials for this?
Hi, How we can customize the colors? I have seen the documentation, but not understand well. Give us easy to implement trick for colors change.Note : We doesn’t need solution for SAAS. We need direct solution via CSS.Regards