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Hello - My apologies, I'm a very old school coder, and I'm using Metronic for the first time (any modern template actually). I have a question about form submission.Currently, when I submit a form, it ignores form action and instead uses script to pass the value of name and value in the URL...
WHere can I download the design files so I can mockup screen for my dev?
Hello,I would like to use mouse drag and a custom navigation container to make a product gallery, similar to the example at However, I am unable to find these attribute parameters in the Metronic documentation.example i need in js :...
Hi,i purchase your theme but, when i want generate new latout your server respond : Warning: file_put_contents(/var/www/ Failed to open stream: No...
Hello, i can't seem to find the design files in the downloads section, can anyone guide me on to where to find it?
Hello I would like to ask a clarification, about the location of Sidebar and the aside-menu.Where they are located in the metronic themes?Thanks in advance.Paulo
Hello, I downloaded the last version of metronic 8.1.16 ( the html demo7 theme ).The issue is about the datatable's plugin (server-side processing) where the html div that contains the loading spinner and text, is displayed shifted to the left, and doesn't contain any message text.Some sugges...
Where can I find the design files in PSD or AI for assets like:- Metronic logo - or compiled illustrations like this
Hi!I think the use case of uploading a gallery of images is common - for example uploading multiple photos of one product in e-commerce, or uploading multiple photos to a social media post. Would be good to see this designed in the Metronic template.Cheers!Peter
HiWhen the side navigation menu contains many items, the menu doesn't seem to scroll by default - we have to click a menu item first, and then the scroll works.How do we set the side menu to scroll by default ?thanksVR
Hi,We recently purchased the Metronic Theme, but we see several UI components are missing in the Figma files: (metronic_v8.1.5 > design).An example is chat, which I could not find in the fig file. Is there a more complete link for downloading the Figma file?Cheers,A
file:///C:/wamp64/www/met2022/demo1/dist/dashboards/online-courses.htmlI just need this file to use? Can I skip the build process as mentioned in this video?
I Purchased this theme from - "Envato "my Purchase codes : 1281048f-b32b-4cda-8653-f55b8d6ae64dI need the CSS file for the theme RTL option
Hello,I just want to add some charts to my Metronic panel but I do not know how to do this.Can anyone help me with it?
You have done a good work with Duotune icons, I use it in many places, but I miss some icons. This is the list of icons that I miss:PhoneOpen padlockPercentageI think it was usefull you create a post to people suggest more icons.
where can i find the resource files for this an xd file please.thanks
I've found a design problem in demo11,when i hover cursor on any menu in header, menu has open behind of group button as you can see belowshow
How to disable eslint ? because error of "Component name "Content" should always be multi-word vue/multi-word-component-name" this is annoying for me. Just delete eslint on package.json or ? btw i use phpstrom and i have turned off eslint in php strom, but eslint still appears in the browser
hello, We operate a supplier database and are also dependent on it to rank well on google. We have to publish new content every day, the Metronic application is suitable for this? Or is a Wordpress website with a link to the Metronic application better, for example? So build the entire business on a...
I'm interested in the Start template - but are there any non-admin layout pages? I want to have a consistent look and feel between my app and its marketing website. I want to use the admin layout that you can preview at for the app, but then have a l...
Every time you update the theme, the modified eh structure and we lose everything we've created. I'm giving up on using your theme. There is no compatibility in the options. You need to get better at this. Upgrade is great, but it is necessary to maintain compatibility with the previous options. It'...