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Tag: Bootstrap 5 (722)

I am trying to show datatables in dashboard. The problem with it is it needs horizontal scrolling to see all the data from small screen or mobile devices.So in Desktop i want to show all 5-6 columns.But from mobile devices i want to show only 2 columns.Is there any way to achieve this?
Hello,, this component month selection via dropdown works but in good_html_v1.0.2 it doesn't work.When I click,...
Hi keenthemes,The 3 last line of mixed widgets looks very neat (great) in the default light version,But don't in the dark mode (look so bright) !! can you please adjust those colors in dark mode :here's the source (the last 3 lines of mixed widget) :
I am having a few issues with my Notification Drawer component.I am using another drawer like this one but it is showing correctly and I have looked at the settings to make sure they are correct and they seem to be. Do I have to change anything to make this work?
Could you please give any reference or demo of code for skeleton loading for cards, tables, profile page?
To change Metronic's font family please follow below quick steps:Go to Google Fonts and choose your font family.In your HTML's head section replace the default font URL with the new one:
I followed the guidance to update the theme colors using the variables file. $primary: if(isDarkMode(), #1C108F, #32279A) !default; However, I have elected to use the dark theme and deployed it successfully, yet the theme color changes, show up when I run re-run GULP on the light version, bu...
Hello,I purchased the "Good" theme, I followed the documentation at the "Server Side Integration" section step by step, starting with a fresh inst...
Hello, I just purchased "Good" Theme. I love it. I am wondering if you have any guidlines on how to integrated with Angular ? Do I need to create a wrapper Angular component for each pure js component provided ? Also, Have you any plans in the roadmap to make it more Angular friendly ?
Hello,The Image Input component does not exist in reactjs theme, is it possible to use it in reactjs? I tried to create a component by copying its HTML tags, but its events are not working.
Hello,I am using menu for filters and all I need to do is when user close the menu(by clicking out side on page), I have to reset filters options since filters are not applied. So I have to check that in hide event. Could you please guide me how to achieve that?button type="button"...
Is there any plans to upgrade the theme Keen to Bootstrap 5.x?I want to buy it, but I've checked on Theme Forest that it's working with Bootstrap 4.6
Today when I used the Metronic documentation I noticed under Server Side Integration you missed Laravel link.The link is Regards
Hello.I Need both LTR and RTL on the same page. How can I use RTLCSS String Maps in Metronic 8 ?LTR and RTL at the same time
I would like to remove jquery from your template as my application already uses jquery and both can not be used in my app.Thanks
Does Metronic pagination give the option to show a table by say 20, 50, 100 or 1000? Right now I only see by 10.
We use the ImageInput component when I import an image and I see the value of the input type file I see that the value is 'C:\fakepath\Image.png' but I just want the name of the image which is 'Image.png' not the path.I tried to split by backslash but it doesn't work.
I added a new js plugin jquery ui as: npm require jquery-ui-distadded resources\assets\core\plugins\plugins.js as:"node_modules/jquery-ui-dist/jquery-ui.js",added resources\assets\core\plugins\plugins.scss as:@import "~jquery-ui-d...
Hello,we detected over 50 errors in the .scss files of the StartPro theme. These errors are caused by missing variables in the components\_variables.scss file causing mixins functions to return empty values resulting in css like this:.text-inverse-muted {...
Hi keenthemes,could that be possible to put the aside menu of demo1 inside a drawer in demo6 ??Does the css support it or it is specific to demo1 ?I mean put this menu of demo1 : inside...
The jQuery-Mask-Plugin is way more flexible than the current mask pluginjQuery Mask PluginCan you consider replacing it?