Hello. I bought your metronic template. I'm using the React version of the template. It starts for me, but does not track file changes. I did everything according to the instructions, but not as I do not want to. I also ran a freshly created create-react-app build with typescript. Everything works i...
Hello, I kept trying to deploy the React dashboard but I keep getting an error at the authentification even though I input the correct demo values, how can I fix this?"The login detail is incorrect"demo2/auth/login
Hello,I am using the react demo and was wondering where is the best place to implement an automatic redirect after login to the original private url that was intercepted by the login.What would your suggestion be?Thanks in advance!
I downloaded the new Metronic v8.0.35 and when attempting to access the dashboard with the example credentials I received the login detail is incorrect error message. I saw previously that this was supposed to be fixed in this update, but it is still not working.
HiCan I Have options for templets to downloadBecause I use React template so I download all 3GB files with slow internet Here in Afghanistan and it fails much timeor Send me the new v 35 react template via emailThanks
Hi all,With version 8.0.34 it is not possible to login. I have noticed that since version 8.0.31 the MockAxios.ts file was removed. Some reason?In the .env file comes this default value:REACT_APP_API_URL = https: //preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/laravel/apiSteps to reproduce:1. Ope...
Hi,When trying to use the Tooltip element from react bootstrap, the following console.log error is given:Popper: modifier "popoverArrowMargins" provided an invalid "fn" property, expected "function" but got "undefined"I read that the latest update would fix it, but react-bootstrap-v5 doe...
Hello,Can't really find the proper way to close a drawer programatically in the react demo.There is nothing in the docs about drawers and the KTDrawer seen in the HTML docs apparantly is not available in react. What would be the right way to close a drawer from a function?Thank you!
Hi,1) Is there a way to use the Drawer element within a div on the page? I am using react version and would love an option for this.2) On react demo how can one reset the form fields when submitted successfully?Thank you!
Hi, I am trying to access dashboard directly. Without the need to login.How do i remove login from dashboard?Framework: Reactdemo2
Hi,Is there a preimplemented way to close a dropdown menu on button click?For example, on metronic react demo 2 notification logs, I'd like to close the menu when clicking on View all. What would be the best way to do this?Best wishes,Tamás
We wanted to work on specific framework (i.e. vue) however, we have to fetch/pull 1.5GB repo for no reason. We have been using other themes, and all of them, had separated repositories for different framework (react, vue, html, laravel, etc..).Please, do it seriously and treat customers like t...
Hi,On the latest update (8.0.34) the chat notification blinking green dot wandered off to the middle of the top bar. Another issue is that there is still double menu on mobile.Any suggestions?Thanks,Tamás
Hi,I'd like to have a sun and moon Icon on the header and let visitors switch btw dark and light mode easily.Any advice?Thanks
Hello,How can I have a btn on the header to change the language for users on demand? like a language dropdown or flag, etcThanks
Hello,As declared on page "https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/documentation/general/datatables/overview.html" datatable bundled files should be accessible on assets/plugins/custom/datatables/ but I cannot see them.Any advice? Do I need to add them manually or on package.json?...
I'm using Mobx as state managementWhen I Refresh the page it goes back to the login page and then after checking the token with the server to log in the user then redirect to the dashboardeach time I refresh the pageMy Route return (
Language Dropdown not working in react demo1 metronic version 8.0.31its work in your online demo1 but not the one i downloadedthanks
It is possible to use the input image component in the react version
How to apply table search & filter in metronic kt-datatables:component url : https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/vue/docs/#/kt-datatables
Hello, I have a problem with the according in my app, I am pasting the code from the documentation, but after clicking on the according header it does not expand.I'm using metronic 8 in react.
When installing node modules in react, we get the following error:npm ERR! code ERESOLVEnpm ERR! ERESOLVE unable to resolve dependency treenpm ERR!npm ERR! While resolving: demo2@8.0.32npm ERR! Found: @popperjs/core@2.10.1npm ERR! node_modules/@popperjs/corenpm ERR! @popperjs/c...