[React] Fix to prevent hover when clicking on sidebar toggle button

In component demo1/src/_metronic/layout/components/sidebar/SidebarLogo.tsx.

  1. On sidebar toggle element (element with id kt_app_sidebar_toggle) add attribute ref={toggleRef}

  2. Add a new property for the component, to pass sidebar element.

    type PropsType = {
    sidebarRef: MutableRefObject<HTMLDivElement | null>

    const SidebarLogo = (props: PropsType) => { ... }

  3. Add a new ref variable and useEffect function as shown below.

    const toggleRef = useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null);

    const toggleObj = ToggleComponent.getInstance(
    ) as ToggleComponent | null;

    if (toggleObj === null) {

    // Add a class to prevent sidebar hover effect after toggle click
    toggleObj.on("kt.toggle.change", function () {
    // Set animation state

    // Wait till animation finishes
    setTimeout(function () {
    // Remove animation state
    }, 300);
    }, 600)
    }, [toggleRef, props.sidebarRef]);

In component demo1/src/_metronic/layout/components/sidebar/Sidebar.tsx.

  1. Add attribute ref={sidebarRef} on sidebar element (element with id kt_app_sidebar).

  2. Then add a new ref variable.

    const sidebarRef = useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null);

  3. Pass sidebar ref to SidebarLogo component.

    <SidebarLogo sidebarRef={sidebarRef}/>

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