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Hi keenthemes,could that be possible to put the aside menu of demo1 inside a drawer in demo6 ??Does the css support it or it is specific to demo1 ?I mean put this menu of demo1 : inside...
We are not able to find line input textbox element in your current theme purchased from themeforest.net. Please guide us how to achieve that.
hello now only angular is available for demo1,I want to use demo16 template in my angular project,for this i will install the dependencies and then move the assets/ folder to my project as it is and I will integrate the .css files.Do you think I need to convert .css files to sass files l...
The jQuery-Mask-Plugin is way more flexible than the current mask pluginjQuery Mask PluginCan you consider replacing it?
I want buy this itemMetronic Themebut have some question Some funtion doesnot work on demoi see some funtion when click doesnot work, such as: in Dashboard, i create ticket, customer, create invoice, payment-> when i bough it will w...
I have prblem with turkish character on metronic theme when i try to turkish get turkish characters from .js file characters automactically converted for exp(Ş -> S,İ -> I, ğ ->g). How can i solve this problem
I am using metronic_v8.0.34 HTML and when running gulp -demo8 only the plugins are being deployed to the assets folder. The other css, js and media folders are not being deployed.Can I please get some help with this? I am new to Metronic and am excited to make it work. Thank you.gulp...
Hello,I am getting the bellow error when I try to build the demo1 theme. Please help. Thank you.C:\recruiter-ai\ui\tools>gulp --demo1Error: Not supported at eval (eval at (C:\Users\marko\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\gulp-cli\lib\shared\require-or-import.js:10:15),
I have implemented some tables in my template, but they are not responsive… not even in your documentation.https://ibb.co/DYH3Dd2https://ibb.co/TctTyxv
Hi,I bought yesterday the Keen Theme fromhttps://themes.getbootstrap.com/product/keen-the-ultimate-bootstrap-admin-theme/I cannot find it on your site : https://keenthemes.com/.Could you clarify please ?I intend to develop big projects with this theme and I need to be certain of the pereni...
Hi,Are the toast style versions in both the light and dark versions the same?From what I saw they are the same.But in dark mode, demo19, the texts are bad, without good visibility.
Good evening,I am interested in Bootstrap's theme 'Good'.Before purchasing I decided to open the inspector of my browser to check the JavaScript, HTML and CSS code. And i think that it is written complex, like there the buttons for example aren't named 'btn_submit' or something else but 't' in...
in "public\media\svg\shapes" there are several SVG files that are 350kb+ in sizes.I've checked them and they are PNG-encoded images just put in SVG format, which is outright fake thing. Please, do them in correct SVG's (so those images will be around several KB in size).
On Metronic7 we have access to KTDatatable.Why you removed it from Metronic8?It's a greate plugin, and much easier to use then Datatables.
Hi,On the page: https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/documentation/getting-started/dark-mode.htmlIt is missing to change the image to dark.I believe it gets better like this:
Encountered a minor issue in Metronic HTML Demo 5 where the header menu toggle button is not shown on mobile. Use the below code for a quick fix. The official fix will be arriving in the next update soon.Replace the topbar HTML code with the
Hi keenthemes,Despite the update of the Dual Listbox, I don't know why you are not integrating this MEtronic7 package in Metronic8, since it is so useful.src : Dual Listboxthank you
Hi,We have used Metronic demo 2 for our project since 1/5 years ago. We need to update the ApexChart plugin but it does not have a separate folder and its code is inside the bundle file. How we can update it?Thanks
Hello,I am working for a client to build a website using metronic8 demo 1 theme through html.i have an issue because on my theme folder, i only have the demo1 folder, not the tool ones with all the stuff to install it on the right way.Where is it possible ton download it?Thanks in adva...

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