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Hi,We couldnt find the multiple selection dropdown. Can you specify an example figma page?Thank you
Hello Dear,We need your support on 2 issues:1. We think there are missing pages in the figma file.For example we cant find the following page and widgets: Specifically, we couldnt find the multiple sele...
Hey there!I've just purchased your theme via the Bootstrap Theme page.Your doc state that there's a theme folder containing the Figma files, but I've downloaded keen_v3.0.0 and I can't find any.I need the theme Figma Design System to design a dashboard for our developers.Where I can find t...
where can i find the resource files for this an xd file please.thanks
Hi!I look for a theme that has a UI kit for Figma included.I liked to the theme "Metronic" ( but, I have a question:If I buy this theme (Metronic),...
Unable to download the metronic flask package. Download fails after30-40 MB with a network error.
Hi I am trying to import the figma file, and the files never stop to import, file is too big? i can't use
Hello, have a good timeOur group has decided to buy MetronicI just had a question before buying and I would appreciate your guidanceWe need the demos figma file, is this file available with the source in the latest version?And this file includes system design and what will be available to ou...
Hi, I previously asked for a Good theme Figma file, and you gave me a link but it's incredibly limited. Do you have one with more components? Our designer will need to remake nearly all components.
Hi Keenthemes, I hope you are well, right now I think to buy your Start template, but I want to know if it's possible to have the UI template as a resource because I need to create the structure for my developer, and it's much better to have the ui to do it for example with figma or sketch.Thank...
Hi, I purchased the Metronic theme from themeforst and loaded the Figma file however I can not seem to find the dark mode Figma file. Is this something you can send?Thanks
In the Figma file, there are only pages and demos. Is there any library with separated components as: - All icons listed- Dropdowns- Buttons and it statesThanks,
Hi,I'm trying to open the Figma file but it just opens the Figma software. Should I search Metronic8 in the Community? How can I get all the components? Thanks,
How to get the XD source files for the theme after purchasing it?I need to make sure that i can download the source of it before completing the purchasing process
Hi Team!We are on an older version of Metronic (v5) and are wondering if we can get the Figma File that is typically included with versions of Metronic. It seems that the Figma File is included with newer versions of Metronic given support answers we've seen in the forum here; however, we can't...
How do I change or access the files to be used in Abobe XD/ Figma?
Hi. I have purchased metronic and I found figma files for most of the pages, however I was not able to find full calendar for figma and the modals for it ( this page: )
I cannot find the support center designs in the figma file.( you please send the figma files!
Does it come with the design system components set? I use Figma. Thank you