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Helo, i'm using livewire 3, why dropdown not working on wire:navigate, it is a bug?help me please, thank you
Is Metronic deployable on Firebase? I tried and it's giving me errors when deploying. Even the local build isn't working.I made the necessary changes in code for deployment then ran this command. But doesn't seem to work, are there any changes to be done for firebase deployment?
Hi,I have Metronic from ThemeForest. I am searching for other questions similar to mine. Found this one tried to do the same using the Metronic's KTMenu docs, but its not working.I have the global CSS and JS configured. The B...
How can we download the template code for "Podcast" dashboard and for Vue?
i am building SAAS product using Metronic them.which Type license i should use. Regular or Extended.thanks,Vaibhav
When I click on option of ng-select, menu close too. How can I fixed this?
Hello, i need to change my ASIDE menu colors (using light theme).* Im using Laravel Theme and Light Theme.I need my aside menu background light, and i change it in my SCSS file (_variables.custom.scss) using variable = $app-sidebar-dark-bg-color, but the colors of the fonts and icon is light and...
Hi guys. I purchased Admin Rider and am trying to integrate it into my Angular solution. I'm having problems updating the Permission List using dynamic data loaded through *NgFor. Any ideas on how to do it?
Hello,I've recently bought Metronic latest version. I was using the older one before and it was super easy to customize it. Now, it won't work. I downloaded latest version of Html, demo1. I customize it via your online tool. I got the customized version of html files. I just replace it, but it g...
am failing to deploy the react application after the deployment nothing shows when I build and test the dist folder as well nothing shows locallyPlease help me
Hello Team,I switched to the header layout and container fluid layout and now I have removed the toolbar by removing the below line in /views/layout/_default_header_layout_blade.php.@include(config('settings.KT_THEME_LAYOUT_DIR').'/partials/header-layout/_toolbar')above line was removed,...
Hi all, I want to buy Good Theme (HTML version) but I want to know if can be integrated to a VueJs 3 project.Regards,Alejandro.
Hello,I've downloaded the free version of your Ceres admin template, but many files that there are not marked as "PRO" in the DEMO page are missing, example:Account -> SettingsAuthentication -> Missing all free filesApps -> Ecommerce -> Catalog -> ProductsApp -> User managment -> Users -...
Admin template support both Left to Right and Right to Left layout for English and Arabic languages
I need RTL CSS file for demo1 for the React project
Hi,the vue js header (Navbar) has default a white background. Is there a setting value so that the navbar is like in the html version (transparent bg and on scroll white?
Hi,I've a react project and i want to add metronic layouts and i want to use metronic components.But i dont want to use metronic default project structure.Can i add only template and component to my project?
I m using metronic laravel theme in that i have some email sending functions but it will use default email template into auth module i need to customize my all mail template how can i find the email template of verify email, forgot password, resend email, etc.
Hello. Could you please provide detailed instructions or documentation on how to seamlessly integrate the Metronic template with a Symfony-based project with its own webpack build? Any insights or best practices specific to Symfony would be greatly appreciated.Thank you for your assistance....
I am trying to integrate Metronic theme with Laravel and Inertia js, I could not figure it out. Because Metronic Vue theme is using Vue router and others things. Those are not required for Laravel and Inertia js. Can you suggest how to convert Metronic Vue theme for Laravel and Inertia js?
[webpack-cli] Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialized using a configuration object that does not match the API schema. - configuration[0].entry['js/widgets.bundle'] should be a non-empty array. -> All modules are loaded upon startup. The last one is exported.error Command...
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