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Hi there! We have been a long standing user of Metronic theme. We were using HTML theme all these years and now we are trying to switch to Metronic React theme.The thing is, the Demos (1-8) are too heavy. Can you release one basic skeleton app that has empty layouts? We tried following this repe...
Hello is it possible to download (with license key) previous versions of Metronic? I'm interested in the latest for Bootstrap4.Thank you,Emile looks perfect in your example. However, in my case, if stepper-title or stepper-desc are longer...
Hi,I would need support on an issue regarding menu configuration files.In the 'config/global' folder is the menu.php file where clearly the array for rendering the actual menu is to be configured, I would need to make the names of the various menu items translatable e.g. 'Products', 'Customers...
In the HTML and other demos demo's when you click [Add Campaign Button] a nice full screen pop-up appears. In the React demo's clicking on Add Campaign Button does nothing. I tried all the react demo'sReact Location:
respect to you allI have a questionThere is a search input in the header field, when a text is written to it, I want to show the components in search.vue, but while doing thisA click operation is required to show the content part in search.vue. I want to show that component when there is an...
using M8 React demo 1, when switching to dark mode the mui 5 components labels stay in black. how can I add support for mui 5.
When you deploy the app the fonts are not working due to it is taking font asset url and get 404, because the font asset url is complied and has the compiled name. It should use font-url or something.
how i can use dynamic menu in metronic 8with metronic 7 there is a dynamic-header-menu.config.ts/dynamic-aside-menu.config.ts, but i can't find them in metronic 8
Hello,I am very interested in purchasing your product. I wanted to know if the landing page is also included in the package, should I start by creating that and then all the rest of our site. you so much for your reply!
All of them just have a title and no content. Also, the links are broken all over; they all lead to ?page={address} instead of the address
I would like to switch to Metronic HTML template for a custom website but some of my tables are truncated when displayed. Can't figure why? Is there a max characters for tables?
Hello,i created a form, which gives input depends on the answer. If the user use radiobutton 1 then comes a other input than if he would use radiobutton 2.How can i validate the anwers the user choice and dont validate the input from the other radiobutton.Thanks!System: HTML
I am wondering how easy/hard it is to change the main color of the templates. I am particularly looking this template:
Hi.In JANGO template - when in mobile mode - clicking menu items doesn't expand menu. I have to click the small arrow. Why is this so? Isn't it a bug?
The keenicons in mobile browser are misaligned, do you have any ideia when this will be fixed or could tell me how to fix it?
Hi! metronic 8 pie chart not displayedI add the pie chart in the link, but it does not work, it gives an error"Failed to create chart: can't acquire context from the given item"
I want to use Demo 23 but there is no Vuejs sample, how can i use demo 23 but with vuejs installed ? Thanks.
hello I am using Angular and I want to buy only one component, such as the Sidebar Layout. Is it possible?
Hello!In react-router-dom v6 the recommended way of creating the routes is by using createbrowserrouter() instead of components. According to the documentat...

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