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Hi,Just purchased, does this come with a Figma design file?thanks,
Hello, We are using jQuery repeater to add variations to an object with a dropdown select and text field. We can save variations successfully but when editing the object we need to init the created variations for the object. For example a t-shirt has two variations color(dropdown) red(text) and...
Hi,please add OpenGragh feature, it is simple but nice to add, when someone copy e.g. link from metronic it will show image and some description, it is just meta tagsplease check below link for more details:
Hello,I found the layout "Marketing Automation" in HTML, but I can not find it in VUE, can I create one in VUE easily?Thanks
Helloi'm using Metronic dahsboard Original (the angular version)i want to hide the header for the desktop view so i get more space as i only need the side bar and the app-content containner if i comment all the it will work but it not show sidebar_mobile_toggle...
i followed the same as per this link its conflicting with the ScriptsInitComponent.initPageInfo() where its trying to recalculate the page title again this.pageInfo.calculateTitle();and the page title is getting upd...
After downloading and installing, I wanted to follow the instructions at there is no folder called global in the config folder. There are no General, Menu and Page files.
I bought your topic, but I can't work better with it. Can you tell me which framework it works better with? What is better to use Vue or React? How well does it work in conjunction with Django?
Here's the translation in native English:Is there a potential update for Livewire 3 on the roadmap?
Hi,I would like to use django-select2 to have multiple selection. But the result in terms of presentation is not at all up to the level even by adding the class: "form-select form-select-sm form-select-solid"How to solve it ?Thank fot your help.Regards
I have updated the Metronics to latest so what i am having issue i used HTML and integrated it with laravel didn't used the Metronics laravel so now when I refresh the page it is like contrast and when fully page loaded it shows ui ok but before this wasn't happening
I have Metronic Laravel Starter Kit. It has User management module setup. In user list there is no filter option. Any one know how to add filter option in that (Like in html
Greetings, I want to know how to deploy my Laravel application in production and not die trying, I want to know the steps I need to do before publishing my application, since it does not appear in the Metronic Laravel documentation, so I want to know if they have additional steps. .. thank you
Uncaught TypeError: Boolean is not a function _initializeBackDrop modal.js:158 Ue modal.js:69 getOrCreateInstance base-component.js:65 modal.js:363 s event-handler.js:118Uncaught TypeError: Boolean is not a function _initializeBackDrop http://localho...
Guys, how do I use the Audit Board App in Laravel? Do you have a video for installation?
I've dowloaded the latest version and when I try to run it's brokenCompiled with problems:ERROR in src/_metronic/i18n/i18nProvider.tsx:34:6TS2786: 'IntlProvider' cannot be used as a JSX component. Its instance type 'IntlProvider' is not a valid JSX element. Types of property 'ref...
Hello, when i execute npm run build for Metronic in blazor it gives my this error [webpack-cli] Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialized using a configuration object that does not match the API schema. - configuration[0].entry['js/widgets.bundle'] should be a non-empty array....
Greetings,I bought your Metronic admin (HTML) product at themeforest but unfortunately in the file there is no information on managing the server-side datatable. It is possible to have these parts.Thank you. Sincerely
I'm working on a Wizard form using the Metronic framework. Metronic includes the FormValidation library, and states so in their website ( my project I can find the file in \assets\plugins\global\plugins.bundle.js...
I tried multiple this example When I gave scroll:true value, I got the result I wanted.
figma file says it's 12, but it obviously is not...desired demo: demo 12: 10 from figma would also be appreciated

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