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I bought your metronic admin panel theme from themeforest. But your download links download as demo. How can I download full versions.
hello there, I'm trying to join the Affiliate program, I fill the following 3 fields, but it always shows error.How can I fix the problem and join it?
receiving this type of error when using metronicyou need to enable javascript to run this app. metronic logothanks in advance for the help
Hi, When I refresh my page it seem it went from dark mode back to light. Is it some script or something that I accidentally remove or something that may cause it? And how can I fix it? I'm using V.8.1.0 Thanks.
Hi keenthemes,The Slider appears to not work in RTL Landing page, although it is working on the LTR .. ??Here : you
I found some error messages while compiling Vue version of demo8 downloaded from the site, and all of them are on "endingShape": "..." in ApexChart.endingShape is deprecated long time ago since ApexChart 3.27 but Metronic8 demos are still using this, which is quite surprising.
How to update this server side datatable to KtDataTable in mvc?HTML KTDatatable metronic v8
Which version of jquery and bootstrap using in metronics 8.1 and the latest metronic?
When did you plan to release a Symfony and CodeiGniter version ?
How to change the document title in the export datatable feature?For example, export datatable to excel (ecommerce app), the title is SHIPPING REPORT, I want to replace it with a title that suits my needs.Thank you
Where can I find the KTDatatable in v8, as I'm seeing in components only and yours are more smooth, besides with the regular setup of loads data with page rendering and if it takes too long will hangup page, but KTDatatable waits until page render and then loads data so...
Is it possible to use Metronic theme in MVC project instead of core ?
Hi, I wanted to download Metronic 8.1.14 Blazor Demo1. After keying in the item purchase code, the download button was spinning but nothing had been downloaded.
I have succeeded in setup metronic 8 laravle package on my laptop, now i want to deploy it to cpanel. but i dont understand how to make it work. i have upload it and set the index path to public folder, but it just simply dont work on cpanel. the error state that unable to handle this request. do i...
Hi, I see Axios is already installed in package.json, but why is it still causing axios is not defined when we call axios on our script? isn't it already on plugins.bundle.js? Why select2 and sweetalert 2 can be used just using plugins.bundles.js? Thanks.
I purchased this theme am using your angular version of demo 4but I didn't get all the pages that I saw in demo4. So I use the same HTML+CSS structure and inject it into my Angular code and it worked to look the same as in the HTML version but the JS fu...
HiI try to use "" to catch when the user dropdown menu is open.But on vue3 and Metronic 8.0.38 I get this javascript error:Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: _layout_header_Topbar_vue__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_1__.default?.reinitialization is not a function...
xconsole.log(store.getters.currentUser);returns : {id: 402, first_name: 'x', last_name: 'y', email: '', email_verified_at: null, …}expected return : { name: 'x', surname : 'y' ... }
How we can trigger events manually. for example, I want to remove image if greater then specific size.var imageInputElement = document.querySelector("#kt_image_input_control");var imageInput = new KTImageInput(imageInputElement);imageInput.on("kt.imageinput.changed", function(e) {...
Dear Sir/Madam,I am interested in your Metronic theme for Asp.Net Core or Blazor Are all the pages fully implemented for these platforms?Thank you.Dean
I am using demo1 laravel version and the ecommerce and other apps as they are shown in HTML are not there.Apps->ecommerce->catalog->projects does not exist in laravel. How can I integrate it?I am using metroni v8.1.2