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In Angular Metronic v8.1.5 version, the app-user-inner component in the nav-bar component designed for mobile use comes empty. For this reason, it cannot be logged out in mobile use. I am waiting for help for this, thank you in advance.
i am facing an issue related to vue-i18n package during the build (npm run build)[commonjs--resolver] Failed to resolve entry for package "@intlify/shared". The package may have incorrect main/module/exports specified in its package.json: No known conditions for "." specifier in "@intlify/share...
My screen shrinks every time a modal is opened.Please see on link below. am interested in this template.This template is implemented with Bootstrap.Are there any templates converted to Vue or built with Vue?
Hello Team!How can I add all indigo color variations to use globally?Thanks in advanced!
I have a Blazor Server project, and I want to use the Left Menu, Header, and form components in my Blazor project. I've made some modifications to make it work, but it seems like the components that involve JavaScript, such as the menu opening and closing and automatic hiding, are not functioning. I...
Once i purchase Metronic, will get the updated versions for free with all the new demos currently being built?
Hi,I would like to purchase Metronic to build a react application.I see the export button for html demos. But i don't see one for react demos.will i be able to export for react also so that I can move fast in the development?Please let me know what are all the options for react? Than...
hi!i'm using metronic angular with ionic. I connected to my wep abi login page.I works fine. I wanted to take loggend user's id or token etc. on a page. could you write me a simple expample code.I wrote like this ngOnInit(): void { this.bindTickets(); this.user$ = this.auth.curr...
Hi, I am using Metronic v8.1.8 and I want my select2 to display something like the one from this sample Select2 Validation State.Here's the
Hi There,I recently purchased your Keen V.3.0.5 theme and have started working with it, but I noticed today that your Docs & Components website is not working: you please advise when this will be functional again?Thanks!Reuben
Hi, i wanted to know how should i integrate the components shown in the HTML views to Django views, i tought that at least the Demo1 on Django project had some features enabled but i saw that there is just a basic view. There is some tutorial somewhere?
Something is not quite right with my dark mode. I have made 0 adjustments to theme css. On latest version :
hello, I am trying to analyze the crud of users of metronic version laravel, I am noticing in the datatable part, that you are generating the scripts on the server side, however, there is a table.js file that also initializes the datatables, so this me It seems redundant and I don't know which one t...
Unlike examples ( ), its color setting seems to be incorrect ( src/sass/components/_variables.custom.scss ).// Theme colors$primary-light-dark: #2f264f;=> looks like info-light-dark// Info$info-light:...
I am not sure if it is only me or everyone. I am having an issue with the export button on Layout Builder. It is not working!I set everything on the layout builder and clicked preview, and it works. But the export button does not do anything when I click it.
I need a clock widget and calendar widget for show many countries local time and the date of the day in my template , do metronic have this things ?! If yes ,how can i use ?! If No how can i find and use this things i need?
Good day! I was wondering what the optimal way to edit webpack.config.js would be in order to have it direct the output to a different project folder besides a demo folder. I have a folder called "project" that's currently in the same parent folder that demo1 is in. It is a PHP project using Metroni...
I don't care if it's not fully implemented. We can figure it out. We do got licenses.
Hello,i'm using Metronic Demo50, in this demo there is two sidebars (Primary and Secondary),and there's toggle button to toggle secondary sidebar (open and close),the default secondary sidebar is open so, i need to change the default to be collapsed when open the website like,Thank's
Hello, I need to download from I click Export it show Generating HTML and not download any thing.Please help me.
Hey, I'm trying to use your input dialer, but cant enter manually value to the input: in your examples.when I try to mark the input value and then type new value it does nothing or giving me wrong numbers.

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