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I've downloaded, and after installing dependencies and setup database, login does not works.I've followed the instructions at
Hi sir,I am using the theme metronic html version 8.1.6,I used npm run build --prod then .rtl file removed & I used npm run localhost --demo1 buid asset removed1.I have need only which plugin css these i used plugins.How it is fix
I am Using vue 3 in metronic 8 with my laravel project , whenever i am redirecting to a new page it takes a lot of time in displaying the page , I have tried checking the console for errors but didn't find any , what could be the possible reason and how to solve it
I accessed the following page from both my iPad mini and iPhone 11 the "Multiple Selection" selectbox:The "x" icons are not displaying properly, please refer to attached screenshot1. Does anyone know how to fix this, or if...
hi, does rider html template version 1.0.2 have download link, because it's still downloading v1.0.1 from the page, thank you
I tried to followed the instructions in page but the files required to follow the instructions is not there. Can you please advise if I am missing something?
I currently use the dropdown menu "actions" used to show a dropdown menu ( using C# to show data in the datatable, everything works fine. But, I currently need to use javascript to get data and this is why I use...
Hi, I need to implement a file manager. I liked the Metronic file manager sample but all .js files are minified: you share a non minified file?
Hey all,can the 'Live Switch' for the sidebar (Primary and secondary) in demo31 be used for the content section as well (Switch Content 'live' by pressing the Sidebar buttons)?Cheers
Hello developer!i need metronic8 template with create-react-app version (Javascript). So is there for javascript prgramming language?Thanks!
Hi there - any view when a new version of Good is going to be released? I am referring to:!
Hi keenthemes,Ho you go to disabled Select2 in html ? is as any normal HTML5 component like : disabled ???"it is unclear and not documented in Select2 html sourceThank you
Hello,This is more a fix suggestion than a question. I wanted to use a very simple loading screen like this:return ( {children} )The issue was that it not worked as expected.First o...
hi, is there any plan to make Datatable Plugin in VueJs. i need a lot extension in datatable to implement in my application.
I cant seem to get the heart icon (like button) counter to work.Is there code available ?
Hi everyone, I have purchased the Metronic theme in order to build admin panels with Rails. I have the following issues and I would like to ask the community for advice on the best practices here.As far as I see it is not really a components library but a precompiled bundle of assets in a su...
I'm working on a project that I would like to have the "Users list" Component to it, but I couldn't find it inside the project, is there any user list like the preview page (from Keenthemes) or I need to create one from the begging?
how to download other react demos ?
HiIs there way to make angular version working with multi languages (rtl-ltr) dynamically , in the same project, because in the angular documentation you can use one direction only ?Thanks it supported can be used in angular metronic
What is the prediction for including the table with sorting, autocomplete, datepicker and others in the ANGULAR template demonstration?
I am trying to add Rollbar with: composer require rollbar/rollbar-laravelAnd I get this response: Problem 1 - Root composer.json requires laravel/framework ^9.19, found laravel/framework[v9.19.0, ..., 9.x-dev] but these were not loaded, likely because it conflicts with another require...