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Hi team, I'm looking for some advice to solve my problem. The template can be found Demo10 dashboard.html, when accessing the dashboard.html page, the sidebar will collapse on the first page load. This is only present...
Hi,I have purchased the Metronic theme. So far I was able to run all the REACT demos, but i do have a small suggestion: yarn.lock file tends to break 'yarn install', because of versioning issues. After removing the yarn.lock, the demos are running smoothly, as yarn.lock is being rebuilt.I ha...
Please help me to fix the problem on Account Settings page where I try to update the account settings, but Submit button doesn't work. Cancel button works.Here is my controller:
Hey,I'm migrating Keen to version 3. I noticed that when I add searchBuilder and searchPanes modules styles are missing. Configs are the minimalsdom: 'Qlfrtip' Search Panes Search Builder
kt_charts_widget_35_tab_1can you advice me, how do i import my own data into this kt_charts_widget_35_tab_1chart tablethank you
Hi,I have implemented a datatable from the Laravel example (starter-kit).The datatable works perfectly - it lists all of my Clients in the clients.index viewpublic function index(ClientsDataTable $datatable){return $datatable->render('
const drawer = new KTDrawer(document.querySelector("#BillDrawer"), { activate: true, escape: false, overlay: true, permanent:true, width: { default: '100%', 'md': '80%' } });;I used above code.When i press esc key, it's closed.Is there any wa...
i am facing problem in metronic theme in old version but i have a new version of node js Error:-ERROR in ./src/_metronic/assets/sass/style.scss (./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[1].oneOf[7].use[1]!./node_modules/postcss-loader/dist/cjs.js??ruleSet[1].rules[1].oneOf[7].us...
On the demo 7 in react, the aside bar close automatic when is a menu inside the tab ( on mobile devices) . Any way to fix it?
Hi guys,I'm trying to use tagify in my angular project but I'm not able to. This is what I'm doing, By reading the doc and also checking the code, apparently the CSS is already included in the project, so I'm not including anything in the angular.jsonSo I npm install tagify
I have a Vue app using v8.1.0 demo1Now I want to change the layout theme to be like demo 7 I copied the config from v8.2.1 demo 7 and pasted it in my app - Default Layout Config, but it didn't work!here is my old config:const config: LayoutConfigTypes = { themeName: "HRO", themeV...
Hello, was wondering if you have updated Figma files available for some of the new features that were recently rolled out?Some of the ones I would like to have access to include:1. Multi-step wizards and modals that are available in the demo2. Different apps such as the Calendar, Chat, & F...
Hi ,I am using Metronic 8 react and i have a problem when add rtl how switch between style when change from rtl to ltr and vice versa
Is there any Component is there like react style customized one with all react select features ?
Hi, based on user data retrieved from the server, I need to dynamically create action button - Toggle drop down (which will show edit / delete button) . When I click this button , Menu is not opening. Template : Seven Html 1.1.4Page : User Management / User
for exampleUnshrunk content area displays 5 columnsShrunk to display 4 columns,It is best to be compatible with gridthanks!
Is it possible to make the tabs hamburger, when we use responsive like mobile screen?
I greatly admire and appreciate the free products developed by Keentheme. I also want to contribute to the open-source community. Currently, I'm working on an open-source project in the SaaS domain, which allows developers to launch their SaaS projects using Django. You can find it here: https://git...
Hello I'm using Metronic HTML Demo 1 v.8.1.6 is it possible to download the documentation for this version? I have not been able to find it here or in github.The new documentation has change a bit. Thank you.
Please help me to use mail templates of Metronic in Lavarel. Currently laravel is sending standard mails.

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