Hi keenthemes,I create a backend API for a drug search checkup, and hook it with select2 and search using select2 Ajax options, everything works great, except when I seach and select in a drop down, it wont validated the result in the select2 input box = meaning nothing happend if you click on t...
Hello is there any support in german with an expert possible. Have you got an contact for me please? I will pay for it.
I followed the steps to implement metronic in blazor from this page https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/documentation/getting-started/integration/blazor.html, however I have errors with the webpack and I need help with this
Hello,Can't really find the proper way to close a drawer programatically in the react demo.There is nothing in the docs about drawers and the KTDrawer seen in the HTML docs apparantly is not available in react. What would be the right way to close a drawer from a function?Thank you!
I'm trying to add a dropdown menu in datatables server side, but it doesn't work when clicked on the popup menu item doesn't appear, please solvethanks,
Hi,1) Is there a way to use the Drawer element within a div on the page? I am using react version and would love an option for this.2) On react demo how can one reset the form fields when submitted successfully?Thank you!
Hi,Is there a preimplemented way to close a dropdown menu on button click?For example, on metronic react demo 2 notification logs, I'd like to close the menu when clicking on View all. What would be the best way to do this?Best wishes,Tamás
Hi keenthemes.Is there any chance to get Typehead in the next update ?Sorry it's just a reminder of this one : https://themeforest.net/comments/27667617thank you.
Hi keenthemes,Are you re-adjusting the buttons design back to normal in the next metronic update as you said here : https://themeforest.net/comments/27682563Button are considerably big for a button-sm !..For example those below devs forum buttons are exactly the size that Metronic button...
Hello.. I would love from you to give more intention and effort to the laravel version.Adding datatables and CRUD system.That would make Metronic a template to plug and play for neewbies.Thank You
HelloI would love from you to give more intention and effort to the laravel version.Adding datatables and CRUD system.That would make Metronic a template to plug and play for neewbies.Thank You
Hi,On the latest update (8.0.34) the chat notification blinking green dot wandered off to the middle of the top bar. Another issue is that there is still double menu on mobile.Any suggestions?Thanks,Tamás
Hi Team , How to optimise performance of vue application .project is metronics8-vue-demo2,url : https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/vue/demo2/?_ga=2.203269783.706534553.1640184084-1824425996.1640184084#/dashboardcurrent metrics :First Contentful Paint : 19.0 sSpeed Index : 19.0...
Hi,On the page: https://preview.keenthemes.com/metronic8/demo1/documentation/getting-started/dark-mode.htmlIt is missing to change the image to dark.I believe it gets better like this:
how to show default search field in datatable,I tried this method, but it doesn't appear $('#table').dataTable({ "searching": true });
Encountered a minor issue in Metronic HTML Demo 5 where the header menu toggle button is not shown on mobile. Use the below code for a quick fix. The official fix will be arriving in the next update soon.Replace the topbar HTML code with the
Hi keenthemes,Despite the update of the Dual Listbox, I don't know why you are not integrating this MEtronic7 package in Metronic8, since it is so useful.src : Dual Listboxthank you
Hello do i need to buy visual studio to run and edit my aleready bought metronic theme?
Hello,I see the Metronic Draggable demo built off of the Shopify Draggable library.It seems the Metronic version is bugged and does not work at all on mobile. Is there any plans to fix tha...
Hello,I am working for a client to build a website using metronic8 demo 1 theme through html.i have an issue because on my theme folder, i only have the demo1 folder, not the tool ones with all the stuff to install it on the right way.Where is it possible ton download it?Thanks in adva...