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Hi,We are looking for a driven, self-motivated jun/mid React/NextJS/Vue software engineer to participate in the development of top-notch products and solutions.Responsibilities: - Product development & maintenance - Technical support and problem solving - Research and learn new techn...
There is a functionality that by means of a button I place in fullscreen? and being in fullscreen the aside and the header are hidden, leaving only visible, the toolbar and the content. That the content expands to the width that occupies the aside
Not sure if this would category as a bug, but for the current version of Metronic version 8.17, the HTML template 13's plugin.bundle.js file has an error that's preventing the file from being compressed.plugins.bundle.js: Unexpected token: punc «{», expected: punc «)» (line: 12897, col: 665)
Hello!!! do you know of any case of someone using primefaces + metronic to develop systems? I saw that there is something developed for spring, but I would need a metronic view with primefaces or pure jakarta (rest or mvc)thanks
How to add metronic to webfrom LayoutFrom.Master for aspx file.
Hello, I would like to ask on how can I be able to add the "Actions" Column in javascript or is there other way to do it. I want to retain the styling from your sample pages. datatable = $(table).DataTable({...
Olá! A versão 8.1.7 com dotnet core 7 esta com o layout quebrado e ao fazer um build com gulp, faltam arquivos.Hi!Version 8.1.7 with dotnet core 7 has a broken layout and when building with gulp, files are missing.tks,Ricardo
Hi KTSThe URL for don't found files, for example:
Hello,I have a problem.I want to use Metronic demo8 and demo16 and also use laravel 9 (no matter if it is Vite or Webpack).It is impossible for me to find a viable solution.How can I use Metronic demo8 with laravel 9 please?Regards,w8ing
Today i was loking for starter kit with Symfony Framework, (i love that framework) and found 1 error with file "symfony_demo1\starterkit\templates\partials\theme-mode\_init.html.twig", the content of that file are duplicated with minified version and normal version together on same file. I think the...
Hello,I would like to switch the language on react demo2 without reloading the entire page. I implemented it and it all works fine, except that the HeaderUserMenu and other dropdown menus cannot be opened after language has been switched. I have to reload the page for it to work. I have trie...
Hello, I would like to download the demo 43 in html version of the Template. I can't find it in the download area.Where can I download it? Thank youHave a nice day
Hello. Why do you have a screenshot of the template "rider-vue-pro" ( a black and white theme, but in fact when I bought the template dark theme is not in it!
hello, i will use countup.js with fetchim using with jQuery example, when first writing in HTMLdata-kt-countup-start-val="0"data-kt-countup-value="0"and then call XHRdata will be change followdata-kt-countup-...
When making the command "ng g c my-page" from demo2 Angular, it gets the following error:An unhandled exception occurred: Cannot destructure property 'aliases' of 'collection.description.schematics[schematicName]' as it is undefined.See "/private/var/folders/bn/xgpdjvcx5g7b775bk7x25nl40000gn/T...
Hello, do you plan to make a svelte version?
Hi, I would like to know where I can find all the Figma components for every Metronic demo theme on the site "", please.
There is no demo 39 to download on the download page. Is there a problem?
Hi,I am unable to find tables related code in angular version of all demos. Is it available or should i convert html myself?In demo that i saw before buying , tables were included in angular version with all filters etc.RegardsA Chohan.
Dear Admin,I am requesting Asp Net Core development for CRM Dashboard Design.I am requesting information about Asp Net Core development for Demo7 design.I expect demo7 work like demo1.
Hi,I'm using Metronic 8.1.6. on ASP.NET MVC web app (not Core!). I'm trying to implement tooltip on help button on page like in index.html in demo 1. What js/css I should include beside mandatory js?Kind Regards,Valentin
I've downloaded from and after installing dependencies and setup database, login does not works, it simply redirects to root.I've followed the instructions at