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Paid ProjectNeed a fully functional grocery web app made on MERN / Flutter / react can be easily integrated to woocommerce and firebase OTP authticationUI must be similar to the link given below 👇
Hi Team,I want to display cards like this image. Is this possible somehow with Metronic themes, I checked most of the controls and dont see anything similar. Looking forwards to your helpful response if such cards are possible.
Hi Keenthemes,This is a reminder to integrate the RTL css for datatables, since you didn't integrate them in 8.1.6 even we had a support ticket, I thought to remind you guys about it.Hope it's gonna be added in the next update.Thank you
$(document).ready(function()How can I use the build for metronic v8? Which files should be included?
I am creating an ASP.Net Core MVC site using the Metronic v8.1.6 template utilising the Starterkit project.I am using Areas, and I am trying to figure out how to get the Sidebar links to work.I am trying to do the equivalent of:
How can I find which version of the template I am using? And for the old version then npm, node.js etc. will I have trouble?
hello, I bought metronic but I'm trying to make a change to the landing page in the team part, but I can only find the.js files example:scripts.bundle.js already built, and I couldn't find them without the build.Could you help me locate it?wanted to change only the times part of the landin...
Hello, do you have tutorial for integrating theme with existing net core projects? For example if I want to use theme for .net core identity and some other areas in application?Thanks,Carlo
Hi,I am paying for a hosting service and I can not install node.js.Is there a way to intall this theme like unziping files inside server? Simple as that.Thank you very much.
hi,there's a lot of design problem in angular versions.I Wana share screen wi th you to explore it
HiWe use datatables extensively, and with Metronic 8, the default search/filter box is seperate from the datatable.When SaveState = True is set, how can the original search term be retained in the filter input field ?
I am using a below template Template Name: Metronic - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template build with Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1after upgrading to bootstrap version 5.2.3 and jquery version 3.6.0 design is got distorted also i have upgrading select2 version 4.0.13 modal popup is not working
Removing element/s from BootStrap modal using ".remove", ".empty" or $("element").innerHTML = "", causes the modal to close automatically is there a fix?to reproduce ...
Hi, I want to start my first project. I follow youtube tutorial 'Your First Project - Metronic 8 Admin Template'. I am stuck at 10:58 where my page was blank. Why? can you help me? Thank you
Where would I be able to see the versions of bundle items like jQuery or DataTables for different versions of Metronic?I would like to see from which version of Metronic the jQuery library v3.4.1 is used?
Hi Team,The Metronic template is amazing, do you have any full working implementation of this template in React or any other language ? By full implementation, I mean all features are working as shown in demo UI.Thanks in advance.Sam
Hello Guys, is there any figma I can use to design the Metronic theme?
Hi community, does anyone can say if the Metronic 8 using React provide table pagination support?The documentation does not have many of the resources that HTML has, like table pagination.Thanks a lot!
Hiim trying to use KTBlockUI in angular demo, I executed this code but it gives me an error which the liberary is not defined?var target = document.querySelector('#blockme');var blockUI = new KTBlockUI(target);blockUI.block();