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At the moment my dashboard has this design:But i want that the design looks like this one:...
Hello, I bought the theme. In the update history it says Vue demo3-4-5 is included. When I download the theme files, there is only demo1 in the vue folder. Can you check ?
Hello everyone,I bought this magnificent theme, and i was only able to download all the files once. In the meantime, I lost all the information on my computer and had to reinstall the system and now I can only download the updates. How can I download all the files again?
The JSTree plugin CSS file has a URL dependency (url("32px.png")) with a png file. The image file is placed in the media/plugins/jstree directory after compilation but the CSS file has wrong image path.
when I enable laravel debugbar, the app goes to white blank page. In browser console shows a javascript error like "Uncaught SyntaxError: '' string literal contains an unescaped line break"
npm run dev --demo8 command failed due to "[Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/var/www/html/project/resources/assets/core/plugins/formvalidation/dist/js/plugins/Bootstrap5.min.js'] {"I am using laraval version
There used to be some Google Maps stuff but it seems it has been removed in the current version. Are there plans to add it again?I'm particularly looking for a page to- Plot a dataset of gps waypoints, polygons, lines and circles- Selectable waypoint layers- Have a split page with map on...
I'm trying to implement the DataTables example at into my project. It's not working. Here are my steps: 1) Added the HTML code from the example into my Blade file. 2) Added the DataTables JS...
Hello,I cannot use the layout builder on get the following error when i click the export button: '414 Request-URI Too Large'.Could you please help me?Regards,
Good morning, we have been trying to get a response form ThemeForest/Envato Marketplace regarding the download. Previously all Metronic 7 and Metronic 8 were included in the download package; however, when we went to get the update earlier this week the download only includes "Demo1" for Metronic 8....
Good Morning!I bought the metronic product and went to update it to version 8.0.37 when running npm run build --demo1 in the terminal, as per the instructions I already removed the "type": "module", but it's giving this error:D:\metronic_v8.0.37\html\theme\tools>npm run build --demo1> me...
Hi,I have a question, how can I change dynamically the css files to rtl when I change the language while the project is running and change it back to ltr once I change the language back
I have three steps only, how can I move the submit button to the second step and the third step is similar to the last step?Link.
Hi, I read in yours documentation of Select2 option and also plugin's documentation but I still can't figure out how to add tags in Select2 multiple option.Pure HTML and JavaScript.Can you help me please with this?
Hi, when I click the arrow icon, the header and top bar scroll to the left, but the sidebar stays openThank you
I am unable to download demo20 theme.Please find below link which i have to download
Hi, I want to build a vue3 based project with vite, i18n and css dark mode. Is that work?
Hi, I have purchased the metronic theme from themeforest, but when I use the license key here to download demo 19, its not working and its giving some xml error.
HiUsing demo 2 in HTML. Where are the events seeded from? I want to use the calendar and add events from JSON.Thanks
Hello,Really like your new angular version :)I wonder if there is some infrastructure for implementing CRUD operations. and if so, is there something that go through an HTTP requests (Similar to what you did in the auth module...I.E auth-http.service) I only found pages include forms in th...
Hi there, I am struggling to find information on how to install Demo 2 for Metronic 8 with Laravel.Is there any documentation around this as to where to find files etc, or perhaps a Youtube Video?Any assistance would be most appreciated.ThanksBrendan.