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Hi,On the page: is missing to change the image to dark.I believe it gets better like this:
how to show default search field in datatable,I tried this method, but it doesn't appear $('#table').dataTable({ "searching": true });
Encountered a minor issue in Metronic HTML Demo 5 where the header menu toggle button is not shown on mobile. Use the below code for a quick fix. The official fix will be arriving in the next update soon.Replace the topbar HTML code with the
Hi keenthemes,Despite the update of the Dual Listbox, I don't know why you are not integrating this MEtronic7 package in Metronic8, since it is so useful.src : Dual Listboxthank you
Hello do i need to buy visual studio to run and edit my aleready bought metronic theme?
Hi,We have used Metronic demo 2 for our project since 1/5 years ago. We need to update the ApexChart plugin but it does not have a separate folder and its code is inside the bundle file. How we can update it?Thanks
Hi, is there any starter kit available for Vuejs/Nuxtjs of metronic version 8
Language Dropdown not working in react demo1 metronic version 8.0.31its work in your online demo1 but not the one i downloadedthanks
It is possible to use the input image component in the react version
Using demo 1 React version, after login and at the main dashboard page if I select a bookmark or paste in a url to a protected page it redirect to the auth page? That should not be by design. Is there a bug right now?
How to apply table search & filter in metronic kt-datatables:component url :
Hello,I see the Metronic Draggable demo built off of the Shopify Draggable library.It seems the Metronic version is bugged and does not work at all on mobile. Is there any plans to fix tha...
Hello,I am working for a client to build a website using metronic8 demo 1 theme through html.i have an issue because on my theme folder, i only have the demo1 folder, not the tool ones with all the stuff to install it on the right way.Where is it possible ton download it?Thanks in adva...
Hello, I have a problem with the according in my app, I am pasting the code from the documentation, but after clicking on the according header it does not expand.I'm using metronic 8 in react.
While trying to build the project with webpack, I encountered this problemModule not found: Error: Can't resolve @/src/plugins/formvalidation/dist/amd/plugins/Bootstrap5.js in /home/XXX/Bureau/XXX/metronic/tools/webpack/plugins
When installing node modules in react, we get the following error:npm ERR! code ERESOLVEnpm ERR! ERESOLVE unable to resolve dependency treenpm ERR!npm ERR! While resolving: demo2@8.0.32npm ERR! Found: @popperjs/core@2.10.1npm ERR! node_modules/@popperjs/corenpm ERR! @popperjs/c...
Dear Team,We have a start project based on Angular generated by Jhipster. Is it possible for you to integrate Demo12 with this project? We are okay to pay the charges. Please let me know if this is possible, accordingly I'll share the source code of starter application so that you can estimate t...
Hi keenthemes,It would be great to have the ability to download Metronic here rather than themeforest or github.since the zip is getting so big and can't downloads without cutting ... (finally download it after 5 attempts to download)thank you
How to use select2 component into own project. I am using metronic theme-demo2 with vuejs.Below both code are not working: 10 15
Hi Team , I have purchased a metronic theme, and started with setting up a project taking demo2 as a reference for userInterface . While making changes i found some missing codebase in downloaded folder. I am not able to find all menus item what is there shown into live preview List of item not...