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in vue js cant use dark /light mode in same time?
Hi Keenthemes,I have a mid level Laravel project for which I have purchased Metronic - Bootstrap 4/5 HTML, VueJS, React, Angular & Laravel Admin Dashboard ThemeSo I was curious to know that could it be possible to update the theme with latest release in future after adding t...
Hi How can i change demo in metronic for LaravelFor example from default theme to demo7 I found in config folder 10 subfolders named demo1, demo2 and so on. But I cant understend what to do.Thanks for help
Hi,The metronic 8 theme doesn't have any table component, with pagination and search?
Hello,I'm from a company who's using Metronic from older versions.We are moving our front tech to Angular.Does anyone know if there is compatibilty issues when using PrimeNg components within a Metronic Angular template ?Thank you for your answers !Alain
Hello, I just purchased "Good" Theme. I love it. I am wondering if you have any guidlines on how to integrated with Angular ? Do I need to create a wrapper Angular component for each pure js component provided ? Also, Have you any plans in the roadmap to make it more Angular friendly ?
Hello,The Image Input component does not exist in reactjs theme, is it possible to use it in reactjs? I tried to create a component by copying its HTML tags, but its events are not working.
Hello. I bought your metronic template. I'm using the React version of the template. It starts for me, but does not track file changes. I did everything according to the instructions, but not as I do not want to. I also ran a freshly created create-react-app build with typescript. Everything works i...
Hello,I am using menu for filters and all I need to do is when user close the menu(by clicking out side on page), I have to reset filters options since filters are not applied. So I have to check that in hide event. Could you please guide me how to achieve that?button type="button"...
I am using AJAX in ktdatatable and Spring MVC model. How to get Paging information from the request in Controller? Here my code. I tried to use parameter map to get value from pagination info. But there is nothing. How do I need to do?### Javascriptdatatable = $('#detail_datata...
i have bought metronic item and setup Laravelbut i canot see any futnion of this themeonly account funtion?
Is there any plans to upgrade the theme Keen to Bootstrap 5.x?I want to buy it, but I've checked on Theme Forest that it's working with Bootstrap 4.6
I am using Metronic_v8.0.34 (Demo 1) for my Personal Admin Dashboard.I am developing my Admin Dashboard and following the below processes.Phase 1: Frontend Development (HTML)Phase 2: Backend Development (PHP "Laravel")I would like to know that how to switch between dark and light mode us...
Hello, I kept trying to deploy the React dashboard but I keep getting an error at the authentification even though I input the correct demo values, how can I fix this?"The login detail is incorrect"demo2/auth/login
I am implementing this same theme (DEMO5) into one of my projects and i am seeing the checked value of custom check boxes and radio buttons is not being changed whilke making selection. Colors etc do, also switch "switches" but the checked value is untouched.I see exactly the same behavior here...
Hi keenthemes,Is there a way to TARGET a modal for print support, like you did for invoice in "dist/apps/invoices/view/invoice-3.html"The way you made is amazing, it's gonna make us to avoid a lots of pdf backend machinery for print, We tried to put "print-content-only" class in the moda...
Today when I used the Metronic documentation I noticed under Server Side Integration you missed Laravel link.The link is Regards
Hello.I Need both LTR and RTL on the same page. How can I use RTLCSS String Maps in Metronic 8 ?LTR and RTL at the same time
Hi Sir,I didn't get below folder in theme of Metronic - Bootstrap 4/5 HTML, VueJS, React, Angular & Laravel Admin Dashboard Thememedia/icons/duotone/Navigation/
Dear, Thank you for your effort in building the beautiful theme Metronic, Kindly I need to build website with RTL & LTR Can you guide me how to implement it thank you
I would like to remove jquery from your template as my application already uses jquery and both can not be used in my app.Thanks
404 Not found page appears after login and application redirects to dashboard.There are no error logs.All artisan commands run without errorBut when goto other urls manually from browser it opens without error.Can you suggest whal shall I do?

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